Destiny: New Rocketyard Loot Cave – Legendary Farming Guide

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Posted on September 26, 2014, GameFront Staff Destiny: New Rocketyard Loot Cave – Legendary Farming Guide

Life finds a way… to loot. After Bungie patched-out the Skywatch loot cave in Hotfix 5, players have been on the prowl for a new location. Now we’ve got one — settled inside Old Russia’s Rocketyard area.

This particular Destiny loot cave still works after the latest patch, but it might not last for long. Get farming quick before this one gets noticed by Activision.

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New Rocketyard Loot Cave – Legendary Farming Guide

Work-in-Progress: Got your own loot cave farming scheme? Let us know in the comments!

There’s a new loot cave situated in the Hive-infested Rocketyard. To reach the zone, start the Old Russia Patrol [Level 4+] and take the right path to Dock 13 to reach the Divide.

From the Divide, fly down the path sticking to the left side to enter the zone consisting of smaller courtyards between buildings. Some Fallen are waiting near the entrance, but past the first firefight locations you’ll also have to deal with Hive.

Destiny Loot Cave Location Rocketyard

Unlike the first cave, this isn’t -really- a cave. You’re going for one of the blacked-out building doors where enemies spawn in constantly.

The spawn itself is located to the right of the empty rocket fuselage laying horizontally in the dirt. Fallen Dregs patrol nearby, so you’ll want to clear the area before focusing on the loot cave.

Destiny Exploiting the Rocketyard Loot Cave

Like the first loot cave, each wave of enemies spawns in every six seconds. It doesn’t matter what level you are, the chances for purple or blue loot are always the same.

Stand far back — try using the raised platform (painted blue) on the opposite end of the arena. Keep shooting until you’ve got a huge supply of loot to collect. Don’t worry, other players can’t take it! All loot is generated for each individual player.

After closing the first loot cave, you might be able to find this new one just by watching for other players. Goodluck, Guardian!

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