Destroyed Aperture Mod Update Confirms Project Alive & Well

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Good news for fans of Destroyed Aperture, the mod for Portal 2 that aims to bring a whole new single player game to the campaign, as the team have posted an update after eight months of radio silence to confirm that the project is still alive and well.

The mod will introduce a brand new single-player campaign to Portal 2, and will feature over 30 puzzles across 20 maps and five new chapters. The project was first started way back in 2015, and was originally due for release last year, but has had a few setbacks which has delayed the release. Speaking on our sister site ModDB, the team confirmed that they have been having difficulty getting enough developers to volunteer for the project. 

The team may be looking at recruiting new volunteers to work on the project, which will cause further delays, but despite this setback the project is still alive and well and will see release;

In the past 8 months we've had difficulty trying to reach out to some of the developers and we're still trying, if we don't manage it, we'll have to use a so-called "Plan B", which will require us to look for new team members and will, most likely, take us significantly more time to finish the mod, but as said, we will definitely release it eventually. The work from these developers is necessary for the mod, and it's what has been holding us back.

The team have still been working on the project int he mean time, though, with new screenshots also being released showing the work that has been done so far on various maps, and also a new teaser video. You can check out the screenshots over on our sister site, ModDB, here.


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