Details Emerge on Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Some new details have emerged for Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines 2 thanks to a Twitch stream and Clan Introduction video for the Thinbloods, where the developers discussed the game, and we learned a lot about Thinblood abilities, the way the game will work and more.

The interesting thing we learned from the stream is that you can start the game as a Thinblood, who are sort of seen as the lower class of the vampire world, and still be able to join a clan, and the story will be adjust to deal with your acceptance as an outsider into the clan of choice.

There's several Thinblood disciplines to choose from, these included Chiropteran, a bat loving, gliding vampire who can summon a swarm of their winged friends to attack others or even form a shield around you, Mentalism, which gains you telekinesis and levitation abilities, and Nebulation, which allows you to summon mist clouds that aid in sneaking and blind or choke enemies.

Playing as a Thinblood offers you some pretty nice perks, too, they're more powerful and they have abilities that are found in earlier editions of the rulebook, despite the game being rooted in the rules for the V5 edition.

The game will be set in Seattle, and it seems Thinbloods will be more accepted there than in other major cities around the world. We also know that The Camarilla are the new controlling faction of the city, however, so how that plays out throughout the game remains to be seen.

Another interesting note is that we also learned the developers decided not to include any kind of daytime / day night cycle in the game at all, it'll be entirely at night - this makes sense given Thinbloods literally combust and turn to a pile of ash in the slightest sliver of sunlight, but still, interesting to know.

Bloodlines 2 is due to drop sometime in 2020, but we'll be covering any news and developments up until then.


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