Details on Destiny 2's new Momentum Control mode

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's a new PvP mode coming to Destiny 2 on Tuesday, and it's known as Momentum Control, featuring a hectic gameplay style of supercharged supers, increased weapon damage and instant respawns.

It sounds like the sort of hell I'd enjoy, to be honest. It's based on the regular Control, kinda, but with everything turned up to 11. Every weapon will be viable in the mode, thanks to the damage boost that makes everything overpowered and a little more balanced, ironically.

The super-super, as I'm calling it, will also grant you extra damage resistance in super mode, at the cost of more vulnerability to heavy weapons. There's a focus on heavy, actually, there'll be a lot of heavy ammo around the maps, and will respawn much more frequently.

The radar tracker will also be taking a vacation for this one, just to make things a little more chaotic, and fun. You'll be getting sneaked up on a lot in this one.

The new mode drops on October 29th.


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