Deus Ex: Human Revolution Doctorate Achievement Guide

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Posted on August 27, 2011, GameFront Staff Deus Ex: Human Revolution Doctorate Achievement Guide

Up for some light reading? Deus Ex: Human Revolution is littered with eBooks that explain more about the world of Deus Ex. Many of the writings are by a certain important character — Hugh Darrow, the man that invented modern augmentations. He’s been a busy guy, as he’s apparently a prominent writer in the Deus Ex world, you’ll find his work everywhere you go. Find every one of his writings, and you’ll net yourself a difficult achiement / trophy. Look below to discover where every one of Hugh Darrow’s eBooks are located.

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Hugh Darrow’s eBooks – 29 Total eBooks

Sarif HQ – 3 eBooks

  1. eBook: Pritchard’s office, on his desk, to the right of Pritchard.
  2. eBook: On a desk inside office 25, on the second floor of Sarif HQ.
  3. eBook: Next door, you’ll find another eBook inside office 27.

Sarif Manufacturing – 2 eBooks

  1. eBook: After finding a Praxis Kit, you’ll enter a room with camera and a turret. Throw away the cardboard boxes to get at it.
  2. eBook: Before confronting Zeke Sanders, find the eBook near the double doors marked with your waypoint.

Detroit City (1st) – 7 eBooks

  1. eBook: Inside Jensen’s apartment.
  2. eBook: While in the Detroit Police Station, find the eBook inside the morgue.
  3. eBook: Inside the MCB gang’s apartment building, enter the gun-seller Seurat’s bedroom.
  4. eBook: In the Downtown Apartments with O’Malley, one floor above, you’ll find an apartment with a level five locked door. Break into the bedroom to find a cage, hack the lock to find the eBook inside. Use the code 2356 to get inside the apartment, and 3663 to get inside the cage.
  5. eBook: Check Greg Thorpe’s apartment, the same apartment guarded by Detective Chase. Find his apartment on the third floor.
  6. eBook: Inside the LIMB clinic, look in the back hallway.
  7. eBook: In Derelict Row, inside the building under the mission-objective Transmitter.

FEMA Underground Base – 1 eBook

  1. eBook: In the fourth basement floor near the end of the level, enter a cafeteria and look inside the locked door.

Hengsha Island – 6 eBooks

  1. eBook: Inside the Hive, look inside a security room upstairs from Tong’s office.
  2. eBook: At the Hive, win the conversation with Tong to get access to Tong’s office.
  3. eBook: To the left of the main entrance into the Hengsha Court Gardens, or right if you’re leaving the apartment building from the elevator, there is a locked apartment where you’ll find the eBook inside.
  4. eBook: Climb up to the Youzhao District roof, and look for the entrance into the apartments leading down. Break into the second floor apartment to find the eBook inside.
  5. eBook: In the Youzhao District, on the roof, break into the first apartment to the left across a walkway.
  6. eBook: Find this book in the Alice Garden Pods. Look on the second floor, in pod number 143.

Lower Tai Yong Medical – 1 eBook

  1. eBook: Before using the second elevator, look for a vent near the elevator leading into a deep shaft. You’ll need the Icarus Landing System to jump down the shaft and find the eBook at the bottom.

Upper Tai Yong Medical – 2 eBooks

  1. eBook: In the center of the Lee Geng Memorial Laboratory, look on a box in the center of the large room.
  2. eBook: In the Hangar with two large mechs, find the eBook in the top left security room.

Picus – 2 eBooks

  1. eBook: After an ambush, ride an elevator to a new floor with a locked door to the right. Hack the door and take the stairs up, the eBook is inside the room.
  2. eBook: Ride the Funicular down to enter the Illuminati office, look on the 2nd floor, in the locked corner office.

Detroit City (2nd) – 2 eBooks

  1. eBook: Convention Center, backstage, inside a room where several bodyguards are watching a TV. At the back of this break room, you’ll find the eBook.
  2. eBook: Inside Sandoval’s bunker, on his desk.

Harvester Hideout – 1 eBook

  1. eBook: Lowest floor of the hideout, inside the surgery room in the northwest room of the map. Malik is inside if you weren’t able to save her.

Omega Ranch – 2 eBooks

  1. eBook: Inside the same building as Nia Colvin, on the same floor. Look in the room near the elevator, in the northeast corner.
  2. eBook: After the boss fight with Namir, you’ll find the last eBook inside Megan’s office, inside her level 5 security safe.
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