Deus Ex: Human Revolution Easter Eggs

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Posted on September 8, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Deus Ex: Human Revolution Easter Eggs


There’s a whole lot of content hidden in the wings of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but if you look closely — mostly by hacking computers and reading emails — you can find a whole lot of it. We’ve compiled a few examples of a few hilarious and a few intriguing Easter Eggs that are somewhat off the beaten path of DXHR.

These are a few of our favorites, but obviously, there are likely to be TONS more. Found something we didn’t? Leave it in the comments.

Joseph Manderley Engineers the Cover-Up

Deus Ex fans will know Joseph Manderley. In 2052, he’s in charge of UNATCO, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition, and J.C. Denton’s boss. In 2027, Manderley works at FEMA as Advisor to the Deputy Administrator for National Preparedness. What’s important about this is you can see Manderley’s hand at work in 2027 during Adam Jensen’s investigations. If you head to the Detroit Police Department early in the game, you can gain entry to several computers with information pointing to a cover-up of the investigations into the attacks on Sarif Industries. Check the computers of Captain Penn and Officer Wagner, both key in the cover-up, to see emails directing their actions from Manderley.

Rick Deckard, DPD Detective

Start hacking a few computers in the Detroit Police Department on the first floor, and you’ll find some interesting accounts and emails. The bullpen (that cubical area) is filled with work stations for several cops, and among them are some notable figures. Chief among them, probably, is author Philip K. Dick:

The password to get into the terminal is “LECTROLAMB,” a reference to Dick’s novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, on which the Ridley Scott film Blade Runner is based.

The main character from Blade Runner and Androids, former cop Rick Deckard, is also referenced at a terminal in the bullpen (it’s actually owned by Robin Deckard). Find it and you can access it with the password “UNICORN,” a reference to Rick Deckard’s recurring unicorn dream in the director’s cut of Blade Runner that suggests he might be a replicant.

Open up Deckard’s terminal and there’s a funny email correspondence between him and someone called “Roy.” In Androids and Blade Runner, Roy Batty is the chief antagonist, one of the escaped Replicants that Deckard has to “retire.” Another is Priss, a sexy pleasurebot-type model Replicant. In the email, Roy asks to borrow Deckard’s “Priss Coupe” car. Roy also mentions Deckard owing him a favor — likely because Roy didn’t kill him even though he had the chance to at the conclusion of Blade Runner. If you’re familiar, it’s a funny exchange.

Finally, there are a couple of other references to authors in the bullpen. You’ll find a terminal for HELLISON (Harlan Ellison) with password CORDWAINER (a reference to his pseudonym) and JBALLARD (J.G. Ballard) with password SOLEMPIRE (a reference to his novel Empire of the Sun).

Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me

When I first played DXHR, I was struck by how much Adam Jensen is basically Robocop. That comparison was not lost on the DXHR team at Eidos Montreal, either. In the Detroit Police Department, there’s actually a cop called Alex Murphy — Robocop’s real name before he was, you know, Robocop. If you head to Murphy’s office on the third floor, you can actually hear him have a conversation with another cop who is describing the plot of Robocop to Murphy, who responds with, “I don’t really remember that one.” If the cops see Jensen, they reference how HE is basically Robocop in a bit of meta-humor.

Finally, if you can get onto Murphy’s computer (he’s sitting at it so you’ll likely have to put him down somehow), you can tap into his computer with a Robocop-perfect password: THIGHGUN.

Charlotte the Harlot

Wander around on Grand River Road in Detroit and you’ll run across a few hookers. None of them have names when you meet them — except one, called Charlotte. This is a reference to the Iron Maiden song Charlotte the Harlot. A subtle Easter Egg, but still fun.

Dopefish Lives!

Yes, there’s a hidden Dopefish in DXHR, near the exit to the sewer path when you enter Derelict Row in Detroit (it’s also at the end of the “Cloaks and Daggers” side quest). You’ll discover a small ammo cache hidden under a concrete floor, with Dopefish drawn on the wall nearby. Not sure what the hell Dopefish is all about? You’ll wanna read this.

He Doesn’t Know How to Use the Three Seashells

This one, a reference to the Sylvester Stallone movie Demolition Man, can be found in Hengsha when Jensen goes to investigate Arie van Bruggen’s apartment. Head into the bathroom and you’ll find three seashells beside the toilet. A little disconcerting, given the clip below.

This is What Happens When you F–k a Stranger in the A$$, Larry

Upon returning to Detroit for the second time, during the riots, Jensen has the opportunity to run down a link from Pritchard that takes him to the home of Private Investigator Brent Radford. When Jensen arrives, Radford is getting braced by a hitman, who has injured him pretty badly. There’s blood all over the apartment, and you can overhear Radford make mention of his ruined rug, a reference to The Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski.

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Toward the end of the game, upon arriving at the Omega Ranch, players can hack through a bunch of computers and read in email about an inter-office dispute between one employee, Dwayne Crosby, and several others who seem to be pulling pranks on him endlessly. In a couple emails, there are even references to Dwayne’s missing stapler, which he suspects “Jim” took from him. In another, an employee mentions, “Wait until you see what I did with his stapler.”

This one’s a reference to “The Office,” and a prank involving the stapler as seen in the pilot episode:

The Mystery of Hangar 18

Toward the end of the Omega Ranch level, when the scientists escape with the help of a VTOL, observant players will realize they’re in Hangar 18. Since “Hangar 18″ is also the title of a Megadeth song, you’d be smart to expect another Easter Egg. There’s actually a small hidden room Jensen can crawl into in the hangar off a blocked hallway. Inside is a Level 5 computer terminal with the username MSTAINE — referencing Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine. Hack the computer and you’ll find emails referencing “Hangar 18″ lyrics, as well as unlock an Achievement or Trophy.

We’ll be posting more Easter Eggs as we find them, so if you’ve got some, let us know!

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