Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hidden Praxis Kits

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Posted on August 25, 2011, GameFront Staff Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hidden Praxis Kits

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Feel like Adam Jensen needs more upgraded augments, faster? So do the cyberpunks of Game Front, and we’re here to help. Don’t search every inch of the world, just check out our helpful list below. Each Praxis Kit provides one point to upgrade your augmented abilities in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If you’re in need of regular help, check out our walkthrough, and if you’re looking for full coverage of everything Deus Ex, you can also look at our cheats page.

Check back often for updates to our list of hidden praxis kit locations.

  1. Sarif Manufacturing Lab: As you exit the Assembly Line, you’ll reach the Factoring Labs with an elevator. Exiting the elevator, ahead you’ll find your first Praxis Kit in the hallway.

Detroit City Sewers: In the Derelict Row sewers, in the eastern corner, in a dead-end south of a sewer entrance, you’ll find a light wall. Break down the light wall with augmented strength, or just some old-fashioned firepower.

Detroit City Apartments: Enter the apartment building behind a locked gate down the alley behind the gun-runner’s abandoned gas station. Inside the apartment building, move to the second floor and break into the apartment with a level 5 lock, use the code “2356″ to get in. Hack into the bedroom, you can use the code “8221″, and use the keypad into the cage, you can hack that or use the code “3663″ taken from the computer terminal nearby. Inside the cage, look to the shelves to your left. That’s where you’ll find the hidden Praxis Kit. Detroit LIMB Clinic: Two Praxis Kits can be bought here for 5,000 credits each. On the second visit to Detroit, the Praxis Kits will be restocked. A Doctor inside will also reward you with a Praxis Kit for completing his sidequest in the second visit to Detroit. Hengsha LIMB Clinic: Like in Detroit, you can purchase two Praxis Kits here for 5,000 credits each. During the second visit, the Clinic will restock. Also, just like in the Detroit LIMB Clinic, talk to a doctor inside and complete his sidequest for a Praxis Kit reward. Hengsha City Streets: On your first visit, as Jensen moves to speak with the hacker in Alice Garden Pods, your pilot Malik will find you. Complete her side-quest for a Praxis Kit. Hengsha Sewers: Underneath the city, look for a ‘U’ section of sewers below the Huang Hua Hotel. You’ll need to be able to break through a light wall in the sewer to find the Praxit Kit with some pain killer.

The Hive: Complete the Bartender, Bobby Bao’s, sidequest to get your hands on a Praxis Kit. For the more violent option, kill or stun him and search his body to get the kit. Hengsha: Complete Malik’s sidequest and you’ll be rewarded with a Praxis Kit. Hengsha Court Gardens: Sneak into the elevator shaft, instead of climbing up, climb down to the bottom of the shaft and look underneath the elevator to find another Praxis Kit on the floor.

Tai Yong Medical: On the second floor of the actual Tai Yong building, after entering the Lee Geng lab, move up to the second floor. Before continuing to the third floor, turn left and take a hallway, through a door, into another corridor where there are two offices. Enter the first office, or enter the second office and return to the first through the connecting door, to find a Praxis Kit in the south-western corner. Picus: As you enter the news building, reaching the main office floor, you’ll see the place is empty. Run down to the cubicles, down the center row and check the center-left desks for an easy Praxis Kit. Detroit City Apartment: Enter the apartment building across from the Chiron Building and move up to the third floor to find a Praxis Kit near a dead body – watch out, there’s an EMP mine hidden under the body, set it off first. You’ll find this one naturally while completing a main quest during your second visit to the Detroit Hub. Panchea: Deep inside the chaos of Panchea, you can find a LIMB Clinic behind a barricade of vending machines. Move them or destroy them to get inside the Clinic, where you can purchase two Praxis Kits for the standard price of 5,000 credits each.

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