Deus Ex: Human Revolution Infinite Experience Glitch

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Posted on August 31, 2011, GameFront Staff Deus Ex: Human Revolution Infinite Experience Glitch

No game can avoid the ever-looming menace of the glitch, not until a patch comes a long to ruin all our fun. Augmentations are the name of the game, and unlocking the precious powers by gaining experience can take some serious time. Game the system instead of playing the “right” way, and you can quickly unlock a few Praxis points early. We warn all those that want to give this glitch a try — the experience may be infinite, but it still takes some time and effort.

For your Hanzers looking for some of the regular help, the cyberpunk super-agents of Game Front are here with a full walkthrough. For even more coverage, check out our cheats page.

Infinite Experience Glitch

  1. This glitch will work anywhere, but the first (And easiest) place to start would be Adam Jensen’s personal computer, located in his office at Sarif HQ, after returning from the Sarif Manufacturing Plant hostage situation.
  2. Use the discovered Praxis Kit and an earned Praxis point to upgrade to Hacking security level 3. Try to collect as many Nuke Programs as possible to help speed up the process, the Nuke Programs can be collected in the Sarif Manufacturing Plant, or while searching and hacking into the computers around Sarif HQ.
  3. Before starting a hack, save your game. Hack every optional node, or the Network node to instantly complete the hack.
  4. Do not exit out of the hack or press a button to complete it, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting an +XP bonus. While using Adam Jensen’s computer, hacking the special reward nodes will net you a +500 XP bonus.
  5. The best method: While using Adam Jensen’s computer, only hack the four nodes straight to the security node (The red tower icon), ignoring the rest. Capture the security node, using five Nuke Viruses, you should be able to capture it, then load your game before completing the hack.
  6. When you’ve acquired the optional nodes, or captured the network node — pause the game and load the save made before you hacked. Again, do not complete the hack, when the game brings up the “Access Granted” window, do not select “OK”.
  7. Press start, you’ll notice you can’t save, load the save you made before starting the hack. Now that you’re back in time, try the hack again.
  8. Follow the same steps, capture every optional node or the network node, and you’ll see that the game has kept your previous +500 XP bonus.
  9. For your second try, you’ll have +1000 XP, for the third try, you’ll have +1500 XP, etc. Do the trick five times for a sweet +2500 XP, just remember to keep loading and never select “OK” to complete the hack.
  10. Do this trick as many times as you want for a large XP bonus early in the game.
  11. Don’t forget that you can always return to Adam Jensen’s computer later, or try this trick on other hacking challenges around the game.
  12. While hacking systems with Nuke Virus or Slow Worm rewards, you can also infinitely gather these rewards.
  13. You may have to hack the same way each time to stack your rewards – make each subsequent hack a copy of your first hack, just to be safe. (Tip provided by: Captain Obvious)

Got it to work? Is it wrong? Confused on how to get this glitch to work? Leave a comment!

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