Devolver on SS3 Piracy: People Will Pay for Awesome

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Posted on November 28, 2011, CJ Miozzi Devolver on SS3 Piracy: People Will Pay for Awesome

After seeing success on Steam, Serious Sam 3: BFE publisher Devolver Digital has stated on Twitter that “people will pay for awesome.” According to Devolver CFO Fork Parker, SS3 “combats piracy by being a fun, frantic game and offers wild ass 16-player campaign co-op.”

Destructoid reached out to Parker for further comment, and received the following reply:

Piracy is a problem and there is no denying that but the success of games like Skyrim and our own Serious Sam 3 on PC illustrates that there is clearly a market willing to pay for PC games. It’s on the developers and publishers to put something out on the market that’s worth paying for in the first place. Those that place the blame on the consumer need to rethink the quality of their products and the frequency in which they shovel out derivative titles each year.

Wow. I think I teared up a little, there. Quote of the year goes to Fork Parker — hear that, Ubisoft? Rather than make up fake statistics about 95% of your PC players pirating a game that hasn’t even been released, why don’t you own up to your end of the issue?

Parker went on to say:

The other side of the equation is the distribution model. In games, we have amazing PC digital download services like Steam, Get Games and Direct2Drive doing the same thing for games that iTunes did for music. Offer the consumer a variety of great digital content at a reasonable price and the majority will happily pay for the games that suit their tastes.

Some companies shy away from digital distribution for fear of it being an easier avenue for piracy, but they fail to realize the strength of the distribution model — how many games would you have skipped on if it weren’t for a Steam sale? Or simply due to the ease of buying digitally?

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