Diablo 3 Will Require Constant Internet Connection To Play

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Published by GameFront.com 10 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Posted on August 1, 2011, Ross Lincoln Diablo 3 Will Require Constant Internet Connection To Play

So naturally you’re excited that after an 11 year break, Diablo 3 is closer than ever to being a real, actual thing. We’re stoked too – check out our Diablo 3 hands-on for more on that. But there’s something players need to know. As confirmed by Blizzard reps last Wednesday during our on-site visit, Diablo 3 will require a persistent connection to Battle.net in order to play.

As you’ve guessed, that means no internet, no game. But before you get too up in arms, this does not mean there will be no single player play campaign. Diablo 3 is going to work largely the same way as StarCraft 2; Once you login to battle.net, you’ll be able to select to play Versus, or Campaign mode. Inside campaign, you’ll be able to join an existing party, create your own, or simply play the game solo, just like you can with StarCraft 2. How do I know? Because my in my hands-on, I played a solo campaign.

This obviously doesn’t address complaints from players that should the experience an internet outage of any kind, they won’t be able to play the game they’ve paid for. I share those complaints, naturally, since I like being able to enjoy a game without eating up my monthly bandwidth allotment. But at least you won’t be forced into games you don’t feel like playing.

We’ll have more to say on the subject in our in depth analysis of the new Auction House coming shortly, including statements from Rob Pardo himself on the subject.

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