Diablo 4 player reaches Level 100 in Hardcore mode during first 24 hours

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Diablo 4 has already crowned one player victorious in reaching Level 100 in the unforgiving and notorious Hardcore mode, less than 24 hours after the game's final release. Former StarCraft 2 and Dota professional player cArn_ has accomplished the remarkable feat of being the first to reach level 100 in this perilous permadeath mode, despite being relatively new to the series, marking his place in Diablo history.

Ordinarily, dying in Diablo 4 has minor consequences: equipment durability may suffer, but life continues without much disruption, but in Hardcore mode, the stakes are significantly higher. Once you meet your demise, there are no second chances—you must start from scratch. In this mode, caution becomes paranoia and a high-stress level, as a single misstep will spell the end of your adventures. Even worse, glitches and technical issues are particularly harrowing, as they can abruptly terminate your progress and destroy your sense of well-being in one fell swoop.

Suffice it to say, reaching level 100, the pinnacle of power in Diablo 4, becomes a slower and more arduous task in Hardcore mode compared to the standard gameplay—the journey to the top demands strategic planning and meticulous execution. Surprisingly, conquering this formidable challenge took cArn_ less time than even Blizzard anticipated, with the title taken in the first 24 hours. 

Before Arn_ took the crown,  Ashava solo-killer Wudijo led the pack at level 87, closely followed by streamer Ben_ at level 85, however, as reported by Twitch tracker D4race.com, both Wudijo and ben_ have been outpaced by cArn_ and his dedicated "team." He expressed his gratitude to fellow players Zizaran, Steelmage, and Nugiyen, who have been hot on his heels on the leaderboard.

This triumphant achievement ensures that cArn_'s name will be etched into the illustrious Lilith statue by Blizzard—an honour bestowed upon the first player to reach level 100 in Hardcore mode. Following the rules, cArn_ promptly submitted his claim to the official Diablo 4 Twitter account, and Adam Fletcher, the Diablo global community development director, acknowledged his accomplishment.

The significance of cArn_'s victory is magnified by his extensive experience in the genre. Although Diablo 4 is a relatively new addition to his gaming repertoire, his Twitch page reveals that he predominantly focuses on the action RPG Path of Exile. His involvement in various competitive gauntlets and events has honed his skills, making his triumph all the more impressive. I have to admit I find contemplating such a feat daunting, I definitely lack the patience required for extended periods of careful gameplay.

For those intrigued by cArn_'s playstyle, he recently shared a video about his formidable Rend Thorns Barbarian build. This powerful strategy appears to be a recipe for success in Diablo 4, serving as a testament to cArn_'s mastery of the game.


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