Diablo IV overhauls skills and talent system in quarterly update

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Published by Digz 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Blizzard have been working hard over the summer to give you an impressive quarterly update on the progress on the much anticipated game, Diablo IV.

The post begins looking at the Ancestral, Demonic and Angelic powers and rewards system for your gear. The development team feel the current set up is an "excessive amount of bookkeeping for the player." Whilst some gamers enjoy delving into the stats and boosts various armour and skills give to extract the most from their build the team felt this still needs a rework and should have an update by the next quarter. The team should also have an update for legendary items and core itemisation, it was taken that players felt power should be within characters and not solely on the items possessed which is a fair shout.

The team have also announced an upgrade to the skills and talent systems, and they have released a screenshot for the Sorceress skill tree which looks impressive and cab earnt by levelling up. It also includes passive skills which are earnt by wherever you go in the tree, this will affect playstyles too as you look to build the perfect playstyle for your skills and armour and personal preference. The team note that you will not be able to acquire every skill tree node, for end game they estimate 30-40% of it being filled, by then you'll have a playstyle for your character but also be able to adapt it for the after end game bits.

There's a also more about enchantments for the Sorceress in the update and also the end game progression system which is trying to give players a customisability about their character and the skills to suit them. The team also want to build on what they did in Diablo III with the Paragon system but they will update further in the next update.

You can read the full update here.

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