DiRT 5 embarks on a world tour of rally this October

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

I love the DiRT series, with a lineage dating right back to 1998's Colin McRae Rally, the quality has been consistent and high, Codemasters know racing games, and they know how to do them well. 

DiRT 4, in particular, was a fantastic entry into the series and, believe it or not, was second only to Grand Theft Auto V in the UK sales charts. Yes, we love our rally games on this side of the pond.

I was quite excited to see, therefore, that Dirt 5 was officially announced today, and will be taking players on a world tour of rally, with over 70 routes in 10 different world locations, which is huge.

The game will also feature dynamic weather and day-night cycles, although that isn't as impressive a claim as it used to be in my book. It looks stunning, though, as you can see from the trailer above.

Interestingly, Troy Baker will be one of the voice actors in the career mode, along with Nolan North, and there'll be plenty of multiplayer, both local and online.

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