Discord is now selling games thorugh it's Store beta

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

It's hard not to love Discord, the free chat platform for gamers that allows text, voice and video chatting, even if it did kill some more old-school chat platforms we loved liked IRC. It's clear though that the company are moving into other avenues of gaming, and the latest is the ability to directly buy games through Discord.

They've already added a game launcher to the platform, where you can view and play your games, as well as get the latest news, but with the addition of the store, you'll now be able to buy games directly from the Discord interface.

It's a major play against Steam, who offer similar services but, as is stands, a much inferior chat experience. The store has been in beta in Canada only since August, but is now available worldwide, with games such as Frostpunk, Red Faction Gurrilla, Re-Mars-Stered, Subnautica and Pillars of Eternity 2, and even some indie games that are exclusive to Discord, for now.

It's a bit of a gamble for Discord. While the chat functionality has always been well loved by many gaming communities, it's never managed to monetise it's platform until now, except through the optional Discord Nitro, and by adding these extra functions It does threaten to overwhelm the clean user experience in the aim of making revenue.

There's some changes coming in the future to Nitro, too, working like Xbox Game Pass, where a single subscription allows access to a selection of games to play on demand, with over 60 games being available on the service, although the classic Nitro subscription will be retained.

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