Dishonored Dev: ‘We Encourage Multiple Playthroughs’

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Posted on June 25, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Dishonored Dev: ‘We Encourage Multiple Playthroughs’

We were already aware that Dishonored would have multiple endings based on your morality as you guide supernatural assassin Corvo Atano on his bloody mission through the story of the game. Because of those possible endings, and another reason or two, the Dishonored developers are recommending you play the game through more than once.

Answering questions posed by the Bethesda fan community on Bethblog, Dishonored co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio said it won’t even be possible to access all of Corvo’s supernatural powers in one go. The answer stops short of clarifying whether there would be a “New Game Plus” option in Dishonored, or what that might entail, however — but it sounds like your powers will be accessible in a second playthrough.

Q: Will there be a “game plus ” after completing the game and having all the powers and upgrades for this ” game plus “? (Sea Gull)

A: We encourage multiple playthroughs with Dishonored as 1) you can’t get all the powers and upgrades in one playthrough, and 2) there are different endings based on how you play: surgical assassin or sneaker vs. brutal killer.

The developers also said that once you trigger the “alert” state in guards as you’re sneaking around the city on your missions, they’ll stay in some level of being alerted forever — or in other words, once guards suspect you’re in the area, they won’t just forget about you. According to the blog post, guards have various “alert” states but once triggered, they can’t return to their initial, most relaxed state.

“The AI has several states of “alertness“, so it goes from totally unsuspecting, to suspecting, to aware, to search, then it cools down to search patrol in high alert but it never cools down to the initial state. Also, AI communicate their level of alertness to allies within range and therefore they let each other know about the presence of the player when he’s been spotted.”

For more on Dishonored, check out our hands-on preview from E3 2012 and our interview with Lead Designer Ricardo Bare.

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