Dishonored Walkthrough

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Posted on October 5, 2012, GameFront Staff Dishonored Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Dishonored walkthrough, where we’ll help you assassinate your way through the city of Dunwall and exact your revenge.

Our complete guide contains tips for playing through each mission, as well as the locations of collectibles like runes, bone charms, Solokov paintings, blueprint locations and Outsider shrines. We’ll also advise you on stealth tactics, combat, and more using Corvo’s vast array of special gadgets and supernatural abilities.

If you need additional help playing without alerting or killing anyone, check out our Dishonored stealth guide.

PC gamers: our .ini file tweaks page will help you set custom FOV in Dishonored, enhance shadows, disable intro movies and more.

For a giant compendium of secrets and unlocks, try our Dishonored cheats page.

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