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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

We reported exactly a month ago about Doom 4 Doom, a mod for the classic game that replaces the weapons with ones found in the 2016 game, was in development. The mod is now completed, and you can grab the download here!

Doom 4 Doom features every weapon from the new game, ported into the classic FPS (excluding Multiplayer-exclusive weaponry).

There are a few basic limitaitons, for example the lack of reloading, and there aren't weapon upgrades, each weapon is basically as-stock or with choice mods pre-fitted, but you can't modify them in any way. There were also a few tweaks to the weapon behavour for balance, as the mod author explains;

“The mod tries to bring the weapons as accurately as possible in looks, behavior and timings, however, we also took some liberties regarding some behaviors and balance. For example, the “Double Trouble” super shotgun, when ported in here became extremely overpowered, so we increased ammo usage. Another instance is the “Gatling Rotator” mod for the chaingun, which makes it now fire explosive rounds at a slower rate.”

In addition to the new weapons, the mod also brings the now-traditional additional gore effects, as well as a double-jump feature.

Click here to download Doom 4 Doom.

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