Doom Eternal's Multiplayer Battlemode Revealed

By FileTrekker 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

As we reported on previously, we expected some news on Doom Eternal, specifically the multiplayer mode, to be given during the keynote speech at QuakeCon, and that is indeed what happened, with a close look at the multiplayer "Battlemode" which will be a survival gameplay mode similar to Dead by Daylight.

It's a little reversed from Dead by Daylight though - only one player will be a regular player, with two other players taking the parts of demons. The lone player, known as The Slayer, will have to work hard to survive.

The way the game mode works is that The Slayer, once they've killed the first Demon, will  have just 20 seconds to kill the second Demon and then win the round. Failure to kill the second Demon causes the first to respawn, albeit with half health.  Demons will win the game upon killing the player, and have some abilities such as the ability to drop hazards, place traps, and summon other AI controlled minions.

There's some other similarities to Dead by Daylight. Demons can see the player through walls, although only at a certain distance, and breaking line of sight for a while will also cause The Slayer to become obscured.

There's five demons available to play when the game launches, and these are the Revenant, Mancubus, Marauder, Arch-Vile and Pain Elemental. There's also going to be six maps available to use with the mode, but there are plans for more maps and demons to be added in the future.


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