Doom Eternal will feature a hub world to hang out in

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

More news from QuakeCon as we've learned from comments made by Doom Eternal's executive producer, Marty Stratton, that the game will feature some type of hub world that the Demon Slayer will be able to hang out in and partake in various activities.

Answering a question during a Q&A session with the official Doom fan club, he confirmed that the hub would be a feature. It started when a fan asked if the Demon Slayer had a workout routine, to which the game's creative director, Hugo Martin, replied;

He's ripping and tearing demons apart all the time, so...It's funny, we had a discussion about that. Does he lift? I'm like, I don't... he's not, like, a bro. You know? I don't think he drinks protein.

At this point Stratton interjects, and quietly asks "Should we talk about the hub? Maybe?" to which he then continued;

You'll see kind of, like, where he hangs out. Again, if you care. You'll see how he spends his free time, and you'll learn a lot about him through the game, if you look for it and pay attention.

So it's very possible that the Demon Slayer's crib will indeed have a gym, given the trigger into this discussion, among other things, although it remains to be seen. I personally hope for plenty of humour and easter eggs in this hub world.

Stay tuned to GameFront for more on this as we learn about it.


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