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Posted on March 10, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Dragon Age 2 Companions

There are eight companions you can add to your party in Dragon Age II, but not all of them just walk up and say, “Hello, Hawke, I’d like to kill monsters with you.” A few take a little finesse, or at least some attention. So we’ve compiled a list of all eight companion characters and the pertinent information about tracking them down and convincing them to join the team. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.


Recruited: Bethany and Carver are Hawke’s siblings and are with you from the beginning. At the end of the prologue, you’ll lose one of them. The other leaves your group at the end of Act 1.

Personality Conflicts: Carver - Conflicts with Anders and Merrill on Mage quests. Bethany – Conflicts with Fenris on Mage quests.

Major Quests: “Birthright.”

Armor Upgrades: Carver – Fereldan Girded Plating (received in “Birthright”). Bethany – Heirloom Amell Protective Sigils (received in “Birthright”).

Gifts: Carver - Tobrius Documents. Bethany – Portrait of your mother. Both received in “Birthright.”


Recruited: Mandatory, toward the end of Act 1 after the “Tranquility” quest. There are several points at which he can leave the party.

Conflicts: Carver, Febris and Sebastian.

Major Quests: “Tranquility,” “Dissent,” “Justice.”

Armor Upgrades: Armor Suits, Lyrium Weave, Spirit Essence in Act 2; Sigil of the Mage Underground in Act 3

Gifts: Tevinter Chantry Amulet, received during “A Bitter Pill” in Act 2.


Recruited: Mandatory, picked up during the prologue. She can leave you during “The Last Straw” quest.

Conflicts: Merrill, if you support her during her companion quests.

Major Quests: “The Way it Should Be,” “The Long Road,” “Favor and Fault.”

Armor Upgrades: Underpadding – Guardsmen Pattern, obtained from the armor stand in Lowtown, Act 1; Impact Plating – Guardsman Pattern, obtained from the armor stand in Lowtown, Act 2; Flex-Chain – Guardsman Pattern, obtained in the quest “Raiders on the Cliffs,” Act 2; Deflecting Joints – Guardsman Pattern, obtained in the quest “Favor and Fault,” Act 3.

Gifts: The Shield of the Knight Herself, received during “Offered and Lost” in Act 2.


Recruited: Complete “A Bitter Pill” in Act 1.

Conflicts: Any magic user, including Hawke.

Major Quests: “A Bitter Pill,” “Bait and Switch,” “Alone.”

Armor Upgrades: Tevinter Spirit Symbol, obtained from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown, Act 2;  Lyrium Scales, obtained from Shady Merchandise at the Docks, Act 2; Reinforced Straps, obtained during “A Bitter Pill,” Act 2; Enchanted Resin, obtained during “Mine Massacre,” Act 3.

Gifts: The Book of Shartan, received during “Lowtown Elven Alienage,” Act 2; Blade of Mercy, received during “Best Served Cold,” Act 3.


Recruited: Complete the “Fools Rush In” quest. She can leave you during Act 2.

Conflicts: Almost none.

Major Quests: “Fools Rush In,” “To Catch a Thief,” “No Rest for the Wicked.”

Armor Upgrades: Rigid Boning, obtained from the Apparel Shop in Lowtown, Act 2; Supportive Corselet, obtained from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown, Act 2; Lambswool Insoles, received during “To Catch a Thief,” Act 2; Boiled Leather Plates, received during “A Murder of Crows,” Act 3.

Gifts: Ship in a Bottle, received during “Blackpowder Courtesy,” Act 2; Rivaini Talisman, received during “Disused Passage,” Act 3.


Recruited: Complete the “Long Way Home” quest in Act 1. She can leave you during “The Last Straw.”

Conflicts: Fenris and Carver during Mage quests, everyone if you side with her during her companion quests during Acts 2 and 3.

Major Quests: “Long Way Home,” “Mirror Image,” “A New Path.”

Armor Upgrades: Samite Lining, obtained from Robes by Jean Luc in Hightown, Act 2; Carved Ironwood Buttons, obtained from Ilen’s Crafts in Sundermount, Act 2; Silver-Threaded Dalish Embroidery, obtained from the Top of Sundermount, Act 2; Halla Horn Buckles, received during “A New Path,” Act 3.

Gifts: Wooden Halla Carving, obtained from Ilen’s Crafts in Sundermount in Act 2; Sylvanwood Ring, received during “A Murder of Crows”, Act 3. You’ll find the ring on the body of the thief leader during the quest.


Recruited: Complete the “Duty” and “Repentance” quests. He can leave you during “The Last Straw.”

Conflicts: Anders

Major Quests: “Duty,” “Repentance,” “Faith.”

Armor Upgrades: Enchanted Articulation, obtained from the Armor Shop in the Gallows Courtyard, Act 2; Reinforced Bracers, obtained from Olaf’s Armory in Hightown, Act 2; Mail Undertunic, received during the “Repentance” quest, Act 2; Protection of the Faith, received during “Best Served Cold,” Act 3.

Gifts: Starkhaven Longbow, received during “Repentance,” Act 2.


Recruited: At the start of Act 1 and doesn’t leave.

Conflicts: None

Major Quests: “Family Matter,” “Haunted.”

Armor Upgrades: Inscribed Leather Harness, obtained from the Apparel Shop in Lowtown, Act 1; Coat Lining with Concealed Pockets, obtained from Shady Merchandise in the Docks, Act 2; Silverite-Reinforced Buckles, received during “Family Matter,” Act 2; Drakeskin Leg Straps, received during “Finding Nathaniel,” Act 3.

Gifts: The Tehtras Signet Ring, obtained from the Trinkets Emporium in Lowtown, Act 2.

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