Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough

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Published by CJ Miozzi 10 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Building on the story of Dragon Age: Origins, but not exactly picking up where it left off, Bioware’s 2011 fantasy epic, Dragon Age 2, will center around a place called Kirkwall. The burg is beset by many of the omnipresent problems of the company’s proprietary fantasy universe: skullduggerous nobles, Templar vs. Mage conflicts, and, last but not least, the Blight.

Though players will not have the opportunity to select their race, they do have control of gender and class, and the choices don’t end there. As in every Bioware game, the player is given a huge amount of discretion over how the story plays out, discretion that can often be a little bit overwhelming or confusing. Regardless of its effect, we’re preparing a full text and video walkthrough to guide you through every aspect of the game. We’ve also got lists of Trophies and Achievements, as well as a Cheats page, which collects all sorts of useful Dragon Age 2 information.

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Note: This playthrough was conducted with the male warrior. Different gender/class combinations may yield different gameplay experiences.



A Dwarf’s Tale 

  1. After an introductory cinematic, you’re thrown into a combat tutorial. Defeat the waves of enemies while learning your various abilities, present on the hotbar.
  2. You will not need to venture away from this area; the enemies will come to you.
  3. Right-click on enemies to attack them. For hotbar abilities, either click the hotbar or press the corresponding hotkey number. Some powers require you to left-click on a target to attack it. If you’re already engaging the target, it will auto-attack.
  4. Press R to engage the closest enemy.
  5. Use area of effect attacks when dealing with groups of enemies, and use stunning and heavy-hitting attacks on single enemies, like the giant ogre.
  6. If needed, press the spacebar to pause the game, select the power you’d like to use, and select a target. This can compensate for slower reflexes/decision making and save your life in future battles.
  7. When the ogre enters battle, he will charge. Side-step to avoid being knocked prone.

The Destruction of Lothering 

  1. The game opens with an interactive cutscene that offers you conversation paths.
  2. Once the cutscene ends, loot the dead refugee a few feet ahead. If you are a warrior, you may switch from your two-handed sword to a sword and shield.
  3. Move down the path, following the minimap in the top-right corner westward.
  4. Fight the gang of Hurlocks ahead. More will come at you from behind. During battle, you may switch between your character, the mage, and the warrior, to use their abilities.
  5. After your first battle, your main character will level up. Distribute attribute points as you see fit; in general, a warrior will want strength and constitution, a mage will want magic and willpower, and a rogue will want dexterity and cunning. Select whatever ability fits your play style. Alternatively, use the “auto-level” feature to let the game make the recommended choices for you.
  6. Loot all bodies you come across.
  7. Continue west. After another cutscene, there will immediately be battle ahead.
  8. This battle will lead into another cutscene, where two warriors will join your party. The male is wounded and will not help in battle.
  9. As the cutscene ends, you will enter combat once more. After this battle, some of your characters will level up.
  10. Another interactive cutscene will start, in which the wounded man threatens your character’s sister. If you defend her in the conversation option, you’ll gain 15 friendship points with her. Different conversation paths in this and future conversations will yield different friendship/rivalry results with your party members.
  11. Continue along the path, south-east, until you run into the next fight. During the fight, enemies will approach from behind.
  12. Continue south-east, into the next group of enemies. There will be a pair of archers on a ledge; you’ll need to move beyond them, make a U-turn to the left and double back to reach them.
  13. Continue down the path. Around the bend, a tough battle awaits, including an enemy mage. Drink potions when you need them, and protect your mage. The enemy mage is a priority target: it deals high damage, but has low health.
  14. Explore the alcove to the south-west. Loot the chest if you are a rogue. Locate and read the book near a corpse.
  15. A cutscene will lead into another battle. You’ll be rapidly overrun, but don’t worry–a titular dragon is about to save you.
  16. A final interactive cutscene will take you to Kirkwall.
  17. Walk towards the guards blocking access to Kirkwall, marked with an X on your minimap.
  18. In a cutscene, the guard will direct you to Captain Ewald, who will now show up on your map.
  19. Walk through the guards and up the stairs, then head West until you reach the portcullis.
  20. Move North and approach Captain Ewald. Once you mention your uncle during the cutscene, the riffraff will think you’re being let in before them and a battle will commence. Help Captain Ewald defeat the dozen traitors.
  21. Having gained the Captain’s favor, Ewald will find your uncle. As you speak with your uncle in a cutscene, you learn he can’t get you in–not directly, at least. You’ll have to spend a year working off a debt to either a smuggler or a mercenary.
  22. After the cutscene, go speak with the two contacts, marked on the map. One is to the North, the other to the South. Listen to both of them before deciding who you’d like to work for; you can only work for one, not both, so choose wisely.
  23. In this text playthrough, the mercenary, Meeran, was selected. The video walkthrough covers the smuggler option. Depending on your conversation paths in the smuggler option, you can complete this mission without combat, or you can ask for a bribe and fail the mission. This would allow you to gain money from the smuggle option and still complete the mercenary mission.
  24. You must prove yourself to Meeran by killing Lord Friedrich and his men. To find him, heat West, then South.
  25. Engaging Meeran in combat will earn you 5 rivalry points from Aveline. During the fight, you’ll face a second wave of attackers–remember to protect your mage; you may not see these reinforcements coming.
  26. With Friedrich dead, return to Meeran. He’ll welcome you into the Red Iron.
  27. Speak with Gamlen, immediately to your North-West.

Act I 

Main Plot: A Friend in the Guard

  1. Varric will join your party. Aveline will not be with you; she joined the city guard.
  2. Head North-West toward the exclamation point on your minimap. We’re making a detour to speak with Worthy, the dwarf, to unlock crafting.
  3. Follow the minimap arrow South to find Aveline. Enter the Viscount’s Keep.
  4. Head to the quest marker on your minimap; you’ll reach Aveline. Speak to her. She will offer a quest. Accept it, and she’ll rejoin your party.

Main Plot: A New Home?

  1. Exit the keep the way you entered. You’ll be prompted with a world map. Select Lowtown.
  2. Turn South and speak to Lady Elegant, marked with an exclamation point. She’ll give you a crafting recipe for potions.
  3. Follow the quest arrow North-East and enter the house.
  4. Companion Plot: Birthright

    1. Speak with your mother. In the ensuing conversation, if you insist on being taken to the vault to read your grandfather’s will, you’ll gain access to this quest.
    2. Speak with Bethany.
    3. Leave your house, select your companions, and head to Darktown.
    4. Move South and search the rubble.
    5. Continue South and turn West toward the exclamation point.
    6. Speak with Tomwise. He’ll give you a poison crafting recipe.
    7. Head East as far as you can, then march North.
    8. Make a U-turn toward the quest marker.
    9. Climb up to the Amell Estate Cellar.
    10. Head North into combat.
    11. Search the crate in the North-Western corner of the room.
    12. Head East into the adjoining room and search the crate.
    13. Head North up the stairs and turn East into another battle.
    14. Search the chest.
    15. Enter the room to your South. Search the crate and the chest.
    16. Exit North, then West through the slender hallway that leads into a larger room. Expect a battle.
    17. Search the crate in the North-West corner of the room.
    18. Move into the Southern room and fight the slavers.
    19. Search the two sacks and read the book in the North-West corner.
    20. Exit the room and head through the Western doorway.
    21. You will fight a Master Slave and his goons in this room. Beware; a trap runs from East to West across the floor, dividing the room in half. If any in your party (like over-anxious melee-types) step on the trap, a poisonous cloud will appear and linger throughout the battle.
    22. Loot the body to retrieve the vault key, then have Varric open the chest in the South-Western corner.
    23. Head West up the steps and open the vault door.
    24. Enter the room to the South and open the two chests.
    25. Time to return to face your uncle. Head North out of the estate and into Hightown.
    26. Venture North-West into the market. Sell the junk you’ve picked up through your quests.
    27. Continue North-West to leave the area and bring up the world map.
    28. Return to Gamlen’s House and confront him with the will.
    29. Speak with Bethany. If you are friendly with her, you’ll gain 10 friendship points.
  5. Companion Plot: Portrait of the Past

    • If you looted everything in the Birthright quest, you will have found an old portrait of your mother and unlocked this quest. At Gamlen’s House, speak with Bethany. Completing this quest will grant you 10 friendship points with Bethany.

    Companion Plot: The Way It Should Be

    1. This is the quest you picked up from Aveline when you… picked up Aveline. If you declined her mission offer, you likely won’t have this mission available. Bring up your world map (by exiting Gamlen’s house, for instance). Select the bottom-right icon of mountains to change map from Kirkwall to the Free Marches. Select the Sundermount Ambush Site.
    2. Follow the winding path West then South-East into a battle with raiders.
    3. With the battle over, head back North a dozen feet and explore the South-West dead-end path that slopes upward. Loot the skeleton.
    4. Continue South and explore the dead-end that branches West. Loot the bones.
    5. Head South into battle.
    6. Follow the path as it curves South-West, then West to a chest.
    7. Keep following the path North-West to some Elfroot. Select the plant to add it to your codex.
    8. Continue North into the next battle.
    9. Head North-West up the steps. Loot the rubble.
    10. Return to the main path and head South-West into another upward-sloping dead-end. Aveline will say you’re approaching the ambush point.
    11. With the dead-end looted, continue South-West into the final battle of this area. A second wave of raiders will emerge. Be wary–there are explosive traps near the barrels that will Injure your corrects (reduce their maximum hit points until they are healed with an Injury Kit).
    12. When the battle is over, head South-West to exit the area.
    13. Return to the Viscount’s Keep. Climb the stairs, then head South and enter the door marked on the minimap.
    14. In the ensuing conversation with Aveline, if you express interest in further helping her, you will need to check the duty roster. Different conversation paths may yield different results.
    15. Check the nearby duty roster.
    16. Exit the keep to bring up the world map. Select the middle button on the lower right to change the map to Kirkwall – Night. Select Lowtown.
    17. Make your way to the quest marker to the South East of Lowtown. You’ll run into a battle along the way.
    18. You’ll find the guardsman surrounded by enemies. Save him. During the battle, more enemies will arrive from the direction you came. You will gain 5 rivalry points with Varric, or 5 friendship points if you use sarcasm.
    19. Loot the body and the two chests.
    20. Double back North-West, then head East down the stairs toward the exit.
    21. Switch to Kirkwall – Day and head to the Keep.
    22. Move toward the quest marker to finish the quest. Speak with Aveline once the quest marker is on her, and you’ll have the opportunity to gain 10 friendship points with her in the conversation.
  7. Secondary Plot: The Bone Pit

    1. In Gamlen’s house, you’ll receive some notes from Meeran at your writing desk. He will offer you missions. For “The Bone Pit,” head to Hightown.
    2. Head East to Hubert. After speaking to him, return the way you came to access the world map.
    3. Select the Free Marches, then the Bone Pit.
    4. Head down the path, looting rubble along the way. You’ll soon come across the skeleton of the “Bearded Beasts” for Arintal to your left, just past a forsaken mine entrance.
    5. Continue down the path into battle with looters.
    6. Loot the area, exploring the dead ends without proceeding eastward into the next area.
    7. Head North into the Bone Pit Mines to pursue the “Bearded Beast” side quest. There will be dragonlings and a dragon within.
    8. Thoroughly loot the area before battling your way West. The slender path to the East visible on the minimap is presently inaccessible.
    9. Continue South. Loot the crate along the way. As the path bends East, a dragon and dragonlings lie ahead.
    10. Loot the alcoves and continue up the steps.
    11. Fight the dragonling, then enter the Western room it was guarding. Loot the barrel.
    12. Continue up the steps and through the doorway into a fight. More dragonlings will sneak up from behind.
    13. Continue up the steps and grab the Deep Mushroom.
    14. Head up the steps and fight more dragonlings.
    15. Follow the path into a cutscene.
    16. Ignore the man’s warnings and advance. Fully loot the dead-ends before going toward the Bone Pit Ledge.
    17. Once through the doorway, you will enter combat with a Mature Dragon. This is a tough battle. It is, however, possible to kite the dragon with one party member while the others damage it. When the dragon is focusing its attacks on one party member, such as Aveline, select her and run circles around the area. Keep this up as long as the dragon follows.
    18. With the dragon dead and the area looted, exit. You will have picked up a Dragon Fang from the dragon’s corpse for a future quest. Return to the Hightown market and speak with Hubert. If you agree to work with him as a business partner, you will gain a new secondary quest, “Get Back to Work.” You will also gain 5 friendship points with Aveline.
  8. Side Quest: Eustace’s Pommel

    1. You will have picked up this side quest from the Bone Pit. Head to the Viscount’s Keep.
    2. Speak with Guardsman Eustace.
  9. Side Quest: Remains of the Outlaw “Bearded Beast”

    1. You will have picked up this side quest from the Bone Pit. Head to the Docks in Kirkwall.
    2. Travel South to speak with Arintal the Lesser.
  10. Secondary Plot: Get Back to Work

    1. You obtain this quest while speaking to Hubert during The Bone Pit secondary quest. It is located in Lowtown (Day).
    2. Speak with Jansen, in the center of Lowtown.
  11. Secondary Plot: Loose Ends

    1. This is one of Meeran’s quests, delivered to your writing desk. Meet him in the center of Lowtown (Night). You may run into Highwaymen.
    2. Speak with Meeran. Accept his quest.
    3. Head to the Docks (Day).
    4. Speak to Gustav, in the South-East area. Guards will attack you.
    5. In this playthrough, I refused to kill the Lord. Time to report back to Meeran. Head to Lowtown (Night).
    6. Once again, you’ll be assaulted by Highwaymen. Loot the corpses and you’ll receive the side quest “Sharp Little Pinpricks.”
    7. Speak with Meeran. If you are honest with him, you won’t get any more quests from Meeran. If you lie, you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabella, Meeran will pay you, and you can get more missions from him.
  12. Side Quest: Sharp Little Pinpricks

    1. In Lowtown (Night), enter the Hovel in the eastern side of this district. Be prepared for an immediate battle.
    2. Loot Ignacio’s body.
    3. Open the eastern door and kill the highwayman inside.
    4. Open the southern door and kill the two highwayman, then loot the chest.
  13. Main Plot: Long Way Home

    1. From the World Map, select the Free Marches, then Sundermount.
    2. Follow the path and battle poisonous spiders.
    3. Explore the southern bend to collect Elfroot.
    4. Head into the Dalish camp.
    5. Read the three books in the area.
    6. Follow the quest marker up the steps.
    7. As you continue up the path, corpses will spring form the ground and attack.
    8. Continue up the path into another corpse ambush.
    9. Keep following the path into a conversation. From there, loot the sack, and the Elfroot behind a pillar.
    10. Head up the path.
    11. Head into Sundermount Passage.
    12. Enter the cave. Giant spiders will drop from the ceiling.
    13. Search every alcove–there is generally loot to be found.
    14. Continue forward, descend the steps, and read the books by the campfire.
    15. Exit into the next area and fight the Corrupted Spiders that drop from the ceiling.
    16. Loot the barrel in the alcove; you will receive the Seal of House Talwain side quest.
    17. Before entering the Mountain Graveyard, head up the steps to the South-East and fight off the corpse ambush. With the corpses dead, more enemies will spawn–Shades and a Shadow Warrior.
    18. Make your rogue loot the chest.
    19. Return down the steps and into the Mountain Graveyard.
    20. Search the bones in the alcove to the North.
    21. Examine the barrier.
    22. Advance and examine the mushroom.
    23. Head for the altar and fight the undead that emerge.
    24. Select the altar. You will encounter Flemmeth again.
    25. Backtrack North, the return to the camp.
  14. Side Quest: The Seal of House Talwain

    1. Travel to Hightown.
    2. Speak with Sareth Talwain. If you used your world map to fast-travel to Hightown, she will be South-East of where you enter the area.
  15. Companion Plot: Welcome Home

    1. This is Merrill’s companion plot. Travel to North-East Lowtown and speak with Arianni to pick up the Wayward Son Main Plot quest.
    2. Enter Merrill’s house and speak with her.
  16. Companion Plot: Nice Crime You Have Here

    1. Travel to the Elven Alienage in North-East Lowtown.
    2. Enter Merrill’s home and speak with her.
  17. Main Plot: A Business Discussion

    1. If this is your first time heading to The Hanged Man inn, you’ll need to access it from Lowtown. The Hanged Man is South-West of Gamlen’s house.
    2. Speak with Varric. If you select the red fist conversation path, you’ll gain 15 rivalry points with Varric. If you select the leaf, you’ll gain 5 friendship points. If you select the gem, you’ll gain 15 friendship points.
  18. Companion Plot: Questions & Answers

    1. This is Varric’s companion plot. Meet him at the Hanged Man pub.
    2. You’ll be introduced to Isabella in a cutscene. You’ll talk to her later.
    3. Speak with Varric. Depending on your conversation path, you can earn friendship points with him.
    4. Speak with Isabella. She’ll offer you the Fools Rush In secondary quest.
    5. Secondary Plot: Fools Rush In

      1. You obtain this quest by speaking with Isabella at the Hanged Man. Venture to Hightown (Night).
      2. If you entered from the North-East corner, head South-West and pick up the bounty quest along the way. It is a note pinned to a wall.
      3. Once you reach Isabella, a fight will break out.
      4. After looting the corpses of the pretenders, speak with Isabella. You will be ambushed again.
      5. Search the bodies and retrieve Hayder’s Letter.
      6. Follow Isabella to the Chantry, West. You’ll run into another fight along the way.
      7. Enter the Chantry.
      8. The conversation will lead right into a final battle.
    6. Companion Plot: Isabela’s Contact

      • You unlock this quest by completing Fools Rush In. Speak with Isabela at the Hanged Man pub in the heart of Lowtown. She’ll give you the Finder’s Keepers secondary quest.
    7. Secondary Plot: Finders Keepers

      1. Speak with Martin in the South-West of the Hanged Man pub. Accept his quest. You’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabela.
      2. Before you leave, open the eastern door and loot the crate in the room beyond.
      3. Head to the Docks and speak with the Longshoreman, toward the South-West of this area.
      4. Speak with the Harbormaster in the north-western wing of this area.
      5. Aden won’t give in to threats; he will only respond to coin. Apparently, if you have Varric in your party and refuse to pay Aden, you’ll be presented with the option to return at night to steal the list and have to fight a tough battle. In this playthrough, Aden was paid.
      6. Head to Woodrow’s Warehouse in the eastern Docks.
      7. Guards will block your path. The only way through is by the sword.
      8. Enter Woodrow’s Warehouse.
      9. Head West and open the southern door.
      10. Descend the steps. You will enter combat with raiders.
      11. When combat is over, loot the southern room; you may find Raider Plate Armor.
      12. Exit West towards the boats and search the crate. You may walk right into a bear trap.
      13. Before leaving, loot the chest in the north-western room, but be wary of a poisoned dart trap. It will fire several volleys before exhausting itself.
      14. On your way out of this building (North-East), you’ll be ambushed again.
      15. Return to the Hanged Man and speak with Martin. If you tell him where his poison is, you’ll gain 10 friendship points with Isabela.
    8. Secondary Plot: The Unbidden Rescue

      1. This quest can be picked up in Hightown, on a bounty note pinned to a wall. Travel to the Viscount’s Keep.
      2. Travel up the steps and North into a conversation. You will be offered a quest; accept it.
      3. Head to the Wounded Coast on the Free Marches map.
      4. At this point, you may enter an instance related to a rumor Varric overheard. The minimap will show a southward path that branches in two, then converges. Travel South. The Western branche is filled with Giant Spiders attacking a group of mercenaries guarding a dwarf. After the fight, the dwarf will speak to you and offer you the Blackpowder Promise main plot quest. You will gain 5 friendship points with Aveline and Isabella.
      5. Continue South and explore the westerly dead-end. Read the book on the floor to pick up the side quest “Caste Treatise and House Accounting.”
      6. Leave the area through the southern exit.
      7. Return to the Wounded Coast–we’re back on track for the proper quest. Head South-West. Explore the dead-end along the way.
      8. Fight the Tal-Vashoth, then continue down the path. Speak with the Dalish Assassin along the way. If you tell her to let the man go, a fight will break out and you’ll gain 5 rivalry points with Isabella. If you reply with “Do what you will,” you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabella.
      9. Continue West, then South, until you run into the Viscount’s son. The conversation will lead into a battle, then another. And another.
      10. Tell Saemus to wait while you thoroughly loot the area. You’ll pick up the Redblossom Special side quest.
      11. Speak with Saemus and tell him you’re ready to head back.
      12. You’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabella and Aveline (possibly dependent on your conversation choices).
    9. Side Quest: Caste Treatise and House Accounting

      1. Locate and speak with Traditionalist Envoy in North-East Hightown.
      2. Though this quest is over, there are three other quests to pick up in Hightown. Start by grabbing Help Wanted in North-West Hightown–it is a note pinned to a wall, and it will unlock The First Sacrifice secondary quest.
      3. The other two can be found in Western Hightown. Speak with Macha to obtain the Enemies Among Us main plot quest.
      4. Speak with Magistrate Vanard to obtain the secondary quest “Magistrate’s Orders.”
    10. Side Quest: Redblossom Special

      1. Travel to Darktown. If this is your first time back in Darktown after dealing with Anders, you will receive the Talk to Anders companion plot.
      2. Talk to Dalian Shaw in the heart of Darktown.
      3. Loot the sack next to Shaw–it may contain Plate Armor.
      4. The quest is over, but if you head into the southern part of Darktown, you can fight some thieves.
      5. Keep going South and down the steps toward the slavers to find Sister Plinth’s remains and obtain the Side Quest “The Remains of Sister Plinth.”
    11. Side Quest: The Remains of Sister Plinth

      1. Travel to the Chantry. If this is your first time going there, it is in Western Hightown.
      2. Speak with Brother Plinth in the South of the Chantry.
    12. Secondary Plot: The First Sacrifice

      1. You receive this quest by reading a note pinned to a wall in northern Hightown. Travel to Hightown to speak with Ghyslain de Carrac, up on the balcony in northern Hightown. If you accept his quest, you’ll gain 5 rivalry points with Isabela. If you call him out as a vile pig, you’ll still get the quest, but you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabela.
      2. Head to the Blooming Rose in eastern Hightown.
      3. Speak with Jethann on the second floor in the building’s East.
      4. Exit the building and make for Darktown.
      5. Travel to the Meeting Place in the south-eastern corner of Darktown. You may run into rogues along the way.
      6. Enter the Meeting Place.
      7. Descend the steps toward Emeric and fight off the thugs that attack.
      8. After speaking with the Templar, head to Lowtown (Night).
      9. Enter the Dark Foundry in southern Lowtown.
      10. Chase after the mage you saw in the cutscene (North). Shades, a Desire Demon, and Abominations will attack.
      11. After the battle, halt your chase a moment to explore the room to the South and loot the chest therein–if your rogue can. Three shades will attack if you walk up the ramp.
      12. Explore the easternmost L-shaped corridor to loot a chest and a barrel–and fight some more shades.
      13. Loot the north-western room, then grab the sack of bones marked with a quest arrow. You’ll find Ninette’s ring.
      14. Travel to the Gallows (Day).
      15. Speak with Emeric to complete the quest.
      16. Though the quest is complete, return to Hightown to speak with Ghyslain. If you tell him you found the ring on her severed hand, he’ll let you keep it (it’ll be represented by 1 gold coin).
    13. Secondary Plot: Magistrate’s Orders

      1. This quest can be picked up by speaking with Magistrate Vanard in western Hightown. Travel to the Abandoned Ruins in the Free Marches.
      2. Approach the guards. If you decide to go after the murderer, enter the Ruined Passage, South-West.
      3. Head East and fight spiders. Turn North and go through the door. As you reach the center of this large chamber, spiders will drop from the ceiling.
      4. Loot the Venomous Spider and pick up the Spider’s Silk Gland. Loot the chest in the north-western corner.
      5. Continue North, through the door, round the corner and head East, looting a skeleton along the way.
      6. Once you reach the north-eastern room, spiders will drop to the floor when you approach the chest in the corner.
      7. Return West down the tunnel until you can turn South. Open the door and climb the steps.
      8. Several creatures will spawn in this large chamber with a central brazier.
      9. With the grand battle over, loot the chest and exit through the South, then turn East. Speak with Lia on the floor.
      10. Continue down the path into an ambush. Skeletons will spawn ahead of you and behind you.
      11. Round the corner and open the door to the North. Enter.
      12. If you say you’ll let the courts sort out the killer’s fate, you’ll gain rivalry points with Isabela and Aveline. If you kill him, you’ll gain 15 friendship points with Isabela and 5 with Aveline.
      13. Exit through the South.
      14. Leave the area and return to Hightown. Speak with the Magistrate in western Hightown.
    14. Main Plot: Tranquility

      1. This quest is unlocked by completing the main plot quest, “A Business Discussion.” Travel to Lowtown.
      2. Find Lirene Fereldan in North-West Lowtown. Loot the crate just outside the house.
      3. Speak with Lirine. If you select the angelic halo conversation path, you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Varric and Mirrel.
      4. Exit Lowtown and start heading West–you’ll run into a conversation. If you let Bethany handle it, she’ll solve the misunderstanding without bloodshed (and you’ll still get XP).
      5. Continue West to exit the area, then travel to Darktown.
      6. Travel South and turn East when you can, then North until you reach two doors. Enter.
      7. As you speak with Anders, he will offer to help you if you help him. Depending on your response, you may close off this option (unverified).
      8. Leave Darktown and switch to Hightown (Night).
      9. Head North-West to the quest marker and speak with Anders.
      10. Go to the Northernmost part of the Chantry. Speak with Karl.
      11. It’s a trap. Fight the Templars.
      12. In the ensuing conversation with Anders, you’ll have a love-interest option presented (the heart).
    15. Secondary Plot: Bait and Switch

      1. This is a quest that Meeran (if you initially selected to work with the mercenary) will send to your writing desk. Travel to Lowtown (Night).
      2. Speak with Anso the Contact in Western Lowtown. He will offer you a quest. If you reply with “This better be worth it,” you’ll gain 5 friendship points with Isabella and Varric.
      3. Head to North-East Lowtown (The Alienage). You’ll run into Highwaymen along the way.
      4. Enter the Abandoned House.
      5. Prepare for a fight versus thugs beyond the southern door. Be wary of an explosive trap by the door.
      6. Enemy Reinforcements will arrive from behind.
      7. Open the chest–it’s empty. This is the titular Bait and Switch.
      8. Exit to Lowtown. It’s a trap. You will be assaulted by a gang of hunters. Slavers will jump down from the roof and attack as well.
      9. Head South-West into a cutscene. An elf will offer you a quest; accept.
      10. Leave Lowtown. You may encounter more Highwaymen.
      11. Head to Hightown (Night) and locate Danarius’ Manor, roughly in the center of Hightown. You may fight Guardsmen Pretenders along the way.
      12. You’ll get to select two party members for this section. Once inside the house, be wary of a trap just outside the door. Have your rogue disable it.
      13. As you enter the next room, you’ll be ambushed by shades.
      14. Continue through the next door.
      15. Head through the northern door. Shades will spawn in this large room, as well as a Rage Demon.
      16. Continue through the northern door, then again through the door immediately ahead of you.
      17. Three shades will be in this room, but more will spawn outside. Loot the chest in this room.
      18. Return to the previous room and move into the eastern portion. Open the northern door. Loot the two chests.
      19. Return to the previous room and take the eastern door. Shades and a Rage Demon will spawn.
      20. Loot the corpses. You’ll find the Magistrat’s Key.
      21. Loot the chest, then exit the room and head south back to the chamber with the staircases.
      22. Climb the steps and open the northern door. Loot the chest in the room if you can; Isabella may not be able to.
      23. Exit the room and take the southern door. Loot the chest and exit the room.
      24. Open the central door. Enemies will spawn behind you.
      25. Loot the three chests, then exit the house, south-east.
      26. If you recruit Fenris, you will receive the Fenris Recruited companion plot.
    16. Companion Plot: Fenris Recruited

      1. You obtain this quest by completing the Bait and Switch quest. Travel to western Hightown and enter Fenris’ Mansion.
      2. Speak with Fenris. Depending on your conversation, you can gain 20 friendship points with Fenris.
    17. Companion Plot: Talk to Anders

      • You unlock this quest by speaking to Anders in Darktown after the Tranquility quest.
      • Spea
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