Dragon Age: Inqusition Preview: James is Bested by a Bison

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Posted on November 3, 2014, James Heaney Dragon Age: Inqusition Preview: James is Bested by a Bison

On Oct. 27 in San Francisco, I previewed Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The event was at an old hotel lodge with an elevator that looked like a bird cage. This cage had an operator pushing and pulling a large lever while chaperoning me on my journey. When I walked into the banquet room there was a stage with a set crafted by deft hands. It looked like I was about to see a Broadway play set in some fantasy forest.

Mark Darrah, executive producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition, stepped out and welcomed us all to the preview and explained that what we were about to play was basically the finished game and all they needed to do was cross the “i’s” and dot the “t’s” I am not sure if it was an intentional joke, but I got the point.

My male mage Qunari named Bagoobadoo (I am certain this is a common name for Qunari) lay upon a small flat area on an apparent mountain side with a green lightning flash from his wrist through his hand. Bagoobadoo then climbed from a greenish fog, revealing that he was being chased by some sort of larger-than-life arachnid, reminding me Los Angeles roaches aren’t really that oversized.

As he climbed further, there was a female figure made of flame — or at the very least, encased by flame. They reached for each others’ hands, riffing on the imagery of “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo. The green lightning flashed again and the effect brought the transition to the next scene in the opening where my personalized hero once again lay upon the rocky ground in an area that seemed freshly destroyed. Guards approached and the next thing I know, my sweet Qunari Man was stuck in a dungeon.

In walks Cassandra, beginning her inquisition. I immediately prepared to walk out of the preview event, flipping tables to clear a path. I did not like this storytelling tool in Dragon Age 2, and I would not sit through it again.

As I packed my belongings I heard Cassandra questioning Bagoobadoo about a catastrophic event destroying the Conclave and killing everyone attending it, save for him. Just as I was shoving the wrist rest I was stealing from the event into my backpack, Cassandra unshackled my character and said it would be better to show him what she was talking about.

That was enough to get me to unpack my things and continued the preview, ashamed of my judgmental attitude.

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