DS and PSP Can No Longer Be Played on Japanese Airlines

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Posted on October 2, 2007, Jonathan DS and PSP Can No Longer Be Played on Japanese Airlines


A new law that was brought into effect on Monday states that DS’s and PSP’s can no longer be played on Japanese airlines. According the transport minister, the problem stems from the wi-fi connectivity of the systems, which can interfere with a plane’s navigation system. Basically, it’s for the same reason they tell you to switch off your phones on a flight. The minister claims that the electromagnetic waves emitted by the devices can make the plane unsafe. Wireless headphones and computer mice are also not permitted. No other countries have adopted this policy, though the U.K. admits there is a minor effect on an airplane’s systems. However, so long as the handheld consoles are switched off during take-off and landing, there should be no problem. Good thing I still have my old 80′s Gameboy. I just need to dig up my Walkman and Duran Duran tape, and I’ll be set.

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