DS Screen is Pressure Sensitive

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Posted on January 10, 2008, Chris DS Screen is Pressure Sensitive


Who knew? A homebrew project for the DS known as Colors! has drawn attention to the fact that the DS’ touchscreen is pressure sensitive. To the best of my knowledge, no game has taken advantage of this seemingly unknown feature (at least not on the retail scene), so it’s certainly cool to see it go to use.

The program is described on its official website as:

Colors! is a simplistic digital painting application for Nintendo DS based on modern painting-techniques developed for drawing tablets in programs like Photoshop. By taking advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the DS touch-screen it becomes a perfect portable digital sketch-book.

There are current downloadable versions of it, along with a gallery such as that one above, available here. The planned features sound like they could turn this into a seriously awesome tool – DS-to-DS collaborative painting? Nice.

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