EA Donates Original SimCity to One Laptop Per Child

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Posted on November 8, 2007, Jonathan EA Donates Original SimCity to One Laptop Per Child


EA has announced that they will be donating the original 1989 SimCity game to the One Laptop Per Child initiative. OLPC is a non-profit humanitarian effort dedicated to develop, manufacture, and distribute inexpensive laptops all over the world, in hopes of giving children everywhere a modern education. SimCity, while being entertaining, also helps to teach decision-making skills and expand a child’s creative thinking. This is a first time a major game developer has provided a game for free to the whole world. Laptops with the game should begin arriving in countries such as Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Haiti, Cambodia and India by the end of this year.

I was going to ask why no SimCity 2000 at least, but then I realized kids in developing countries might have a hard time relating to the constant alien attacks that the rest of us have come to accept.

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