EA Play now has over 6.5 million paid subscribers

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

EA's game subscription service, EA Play, is shaping up to be a huge success given numbers shared today by the companies CEO Andrew Wilson, who revealed during an investors conference call that the service has now reached 6.5 million paid subscribers, with that expected to double in the next 12 months.

According to Wilson, "Our EA Play service is the most successful multiplatform subscription in the industry. With the addition of our subscription on PS4 and Steam, we've reached more than 6.5 million paid subscribers." The service is set to go live on Xbox Game Pass very soon, with EA expecting the number to double by this time next year.

EA Play is unique in that it has partnered with other platform stores, such as Steam and now Microsoft, rather than offering it's services stand-alone. Indeed, Wilson views the Microsoft tie-in as "an access point for EA Play subscriptions on the Microsoft platform."

This is actually entitlement to the EA Play subscription, and as a result of that relationship that we have with those players who make those subscriptions, that will be the same as if we sold it outside the platform. So you'll continue to see us think about our subscription broadly across platforms, and making it available to any player, wherever they want, in any way they need, with as little friction as possible.

EA Play will be offered as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC next month, and will be at no extra cost to subscribers. According to EA, however, "Microsoft have figured out the right way to make the economics work for both of us."

EA Play arrives on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Consoles very soon on November 10th, and is already available via the Steam platform.

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