Easy Mod Folder makes adding assets to GTA V a snap

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

This great new utility from modder CSYON makes it super-simple to add new vehicles, characters, skins, meshes or weapons into GTA V, by allowing you simply drop mod files into a single folder.

Easy Mod Folder 1.3 was released this past week, and aims to simply the process of adding new assets to the game.  If you're the kind of person who likes to constantly replace or swap out cars, weapons or player character items, this tool is definitely going to make life a lot easier for you.

There's still some types of changes that the mod can't handle yet, though, such as limited supprt for meta files, tuning parts or handling mods, but CSYON is still actively working on the tool and promises to add further compatibility, so adding and removing these types of mods should get even easier with future revisions.

This mod makes it easy to replace cars, weapons & peds (skins). You dont need to search for the patchdayX or x64X-folders anymore. Just put all your mod-cars into vehicles.rpf, weapons into weapons.rpf etc. Pls don’t put META or other files into a rpf! Put only ytd, ydr & yft into the rpfs’s! META files have a “meta” folder.

If you're fed up of messing around with rpf files, then head on over to the utilities download page here.

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