Eight Player Raid in The Division Franchise to Launch

By Digz 4 years ago

On the 16th May you will be able to play the new eight player raid, the first in The Division franchise's history, it will go live at 5pm BST and will do so on all released platforms.

The raid, called "Operational Dark Hours" is there to test your ability and of course your teamwork skills, it's there for the most experienced players who have got to World Tier 5 and also defeated Tidal Basin. You'll find you and your team in Washington National Airport, where the Black Tusks are using the airport to fly in supplies and soldiers to boost their operations. 

The raid will include taking on new and difficult bosses and will reward you upon successful completion with exclusive items like new gear sets, exotic weapons and other items. In addition to this, the first team to complete the raid will get their team photo and names put on The Division 2's White house for everyone to see in awe, and those that complete it between release date and the 23rd May will receive a commemorative arm patch. For any team that completes it after will still receive a reward and that is a clan banner icon and trophy in their clan space.


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