Elden Ring updates hint the first story DLC may be dropping soon

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

Elden Ring's first (and perhaps only) story DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, was announced back in February, but details, including a potential release date, have been curiously lacking ever since. Sure, we've had a few bits of concept art, but that's pretty much it.

It seems that the DLC, or at least news, could be on the horizon, as some silent updates have recently been pushed to Elden Ring, something that could be tied into a potential trailer or announcement with The Game Awards right around the corner on the 7th of December.

The updates which have been made largely to development branches of the game, have been rare as of late, so the uptick in new updates being pushed is noteworthy, especially on the run-up to The Game Awards, which seems like a logical platform to announce the DLC's release date. Before these updates started dropping in late October, and with greater regularity during November, the last update was in June.

This includes a number of updates that have dropped today according to SteamDB, including to development branches named dev_debug, dev_release, qa_debug, and qa_release, which would strongly suggest testing of the new DLC is now underway internally at FromSoft. 

We'll be covering The Game Awards live on December 7th, and will be sure to report on any official announcements as soon as they drop.


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