Empire at War's multiplayer patched back in!

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

Fans of this Star Wars game were surprised this past week after the 2006 RTS game had it's multiplayer mode fixed, which has not been operational since Gamespy's shutdown 3 years ago in 2014, all thanks to this new patch from Petroglyph and Disney.

The game is considered the best RTS game that the Star Wars franchise has had, and it was met with dismay from many members of the community when multiplayer support went away with the unexpected shutdown of Gamespy, which was popular for providing online multiplayer services back in the day. The shutdown effectively sounded the death knell for the game - without online capability it's scope was very limited.

So fans are more than happy - and surprised - to see this patch, released all these years later. The new patch, a joint effort from developer Petroglyph and Disney, has re-worked the multiplayer functions to work via Steam, both with the core game, and even the Forces of Corruption expansion pack. Even more interestingly, and relevant to us, mod support is now available via Steam Workshop with this update, as well as glitch and stability fixes.

It's quite nice to see games like this suddenly come back to life and get new patches and updates, long after people assume they are forgotten about. Petroglyph thanked the fans, saying it was their dedication and support, along with strong sales and overwhelming reviews, which lead Disney to agree to fund the work to repair the game.

And as part of the release, the game is on sale this weekend, down to $10 / £7.50, so if you've not played it for a while, grab it while it's hot.

What other broken classics would you like to see get a resurgence? Let us know in the comments!

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