Endless Legend User Rating Tanks After Removal of Translation Mod

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Amplitude may have picked a very appropriate studio name, because their Endless Legend game just had its negative reviews amplified.

Earlier this week, the game developer for the 4X fantasy/scifi series went and pulled down a mod for a Chinese translation of the game. They did this because the mod description contained a link to an illegal download of an earlier version of the game, which not only goes against the TOS of the Workshop, but is, of course, illegal.

Though this didn't impact western players, Chinese fans responded by aggressively posting negative reviews on the game's Steam page, causing it to drop from a Very Positive standing to a Mixed standing, severely tarnishing the game's appearance.

Frogsquadron, a developer from Amplitude, posted on the game's Steam discussion forum;

What happened here is very unfortunate, because we've tried reaching out and working with the original author of the mod for an actual support of the mod in an official capacity, with a view to support the game in Chinese altogether. We want to make the game available in Chinese, and are ready to work with the mod's author for their work to be recognized.

Unfortunately, despite several attempts at reaching out, including a message that was translated into Chinese to make sure to avoid any miscommunication, we've never heard back from the author of the mod.

And still, the negative reviews pour in, regretting the lack of support for Chinese, or that the mod doesn't work anymore.

To clarify, Amplitude have no problem with the translation of the game into Chinese through the mod. The only problem was that the mod author linked to an illegal download of the game.

As of this article, the game is now back up to "Very Positive".

You can read Reddit user /u/_break_it_down_'s summary of events here.

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