Endless Space Collection currently free on Humble Store

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The Humble Summer Sale is drawing to a close, and to celebrate you can now pick up the entire Endless Space collection for free up until tomorrow.

Endless Space is a Sci-Fi turn-based strategy game, a genre many GameFront fans will appreciate if they haven't played the game already. The giveaway runs until September 14th, and includes the base game as well as the Disharmony expansion, which will add additional units and a new faction, among other enhancements. 

As for the main Humble Summer Sale, it runs until the 16th of September, and there's plenty of deals still to be had, including The Witcher 3 for just $12, and Endless Space 2, should you enjoy the first game, for just under $10 which is a pretty good deal. Speaking of which, a new expansion just dropped for the second game, named Awakening, so you can pick up the entire series for a very low price right now.


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