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Posted on October 1, 2010, John Bardinelli Enslaved Walkthrough

With little-to-no hype prefiguring its release, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is gearing up to be one of Fall’s sleeper hits. Featuring a script by 28 Days Later scribe Alex Garland and motion-capture and direction work from Andy Serkis, a.k.a Gollum, the game blends clever action-adventure mechanics with taut writing and real character development.

Players take control of Monkey, a futuristic nomad who begins the game as a captive of a malevolent race of mechs. After surviving an airship accident, Monkey wakes up to realize that he has traded one captor for another — a technologically-savvy fellow prisoner named Trip has fitted him with a slave headband, which enables Trip to control his actions by administering jolts of pain. If Trip’s heart stops, Monkey dies as well.

What follows is an arresting pursuit-and-capture story set in a striking dystopian world, with character development and snappy dialog to spare. UK developer Ninja Theory have been remarkably coy about the quality of their product; we’ll see if the market rewards their investment in traditionally neglected game design areas like writing and direction.

You’ll have to be on your toes to guide Monkey and Trip through the teeming environment they encounter, and taking advantage of our step-by-step walkthrough tends to have that kind of effect on toes.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Escape

  1. Follow the brief jumping tutorial. When you fall in the small pit, climb over the crates to exit.
  2. Keep following the prompts until the robot attacks. Climb the pipe to the right and leap to the ledge with the soldier.
  3. Climb down the pipe to the left to get your gear.
  4. Staff in hand, reverse your course and go back to the mech.
  5. Press onward and complete the combat tutorial.
  6. After the pod door seals, follow the handholds and pipes around the ship, avoiding the jet flame bursts you encounter.
  7. Open the red door to the escape pod. When the ship starts to head towards the skyscraper, climb as high as you can as quickly as you can.

Chapter 2: The Old City

  1. After the crash, follow Trip to the bridge, collecting tech orbs as you go. When prompted, climb the poles to the opposite side and defeat the mechs there.
  2. When the robot starts firing at you, keep cover and move forward between blasts. Defeat it, and the mechs that follow.
  3. Follow Trip through the passage. Lift the block when you reach it.
  4. Run across the platform and create a distraction when you reach the other side. Call Trip while you yell at the mechs.
  5. Above, get Trip to create a decoy as you run across the bridge. On the other side, create another distraction and summon her.
  6. When it’s time to take out the mechs, hop down below and get Trip to make another decoy. Follow the girders, pipes and handholds across the chasm and to the mechs.
  7. At the stone opening, wait for the decoy to recharge, then activate it and destroy the first mech.
  8. When the decoy recharges again, repeat the process to destroy the second mech.
  9. Head back to the security door and Trip will open it.
  10. Follow Trip through the next area. When the puts the dragonfly on your display, follow it through the room until you capture it.
  11. Return the dragonfly to Trip, then carry her through the minefield.
  12. The next minefield is much more dense. Carry Trip and try to stay on top of debris to keep safe. Toss her to the ledge above, then work your way around by hopping from car to car.
  13. Toss Trip across the gap, then cross yourself to help pull her up.
  14. Run down the debris and take cover below. Use Trip’s decoy to distract the turret while you leap across the poles and head to the right.
  15. Sneak past the mechs by avoiding their blue waves. Work your way to the target above the turret.
  16. Use your new staff blast to knock the sign down.
  17. When the mechs attack Trip, run back down and defeat them quickly.
  18. Stay low and work your way to the turret in the area with the fuel tank. Use Trip’s decoy when necessary.
  19. Perform a takedown on the turret and use it to destroy the fuel tank.
  20. Use the turret to take out the mechs before they reach Trip. Fire on the fuel barrels for a quick destruction.
  21. Head right past the turret and follow Trip to the next area.

Boss battle: Demolition man

  1. Stay away from the tubby mech and collect the glowing experience pods around the perimeter.
  2. Use your staff blast and hit him in the head to deal some damage. When you run out of plasma charges, sneak in for a few hits before dodging to stay clear of his ball and chain attack.
  3. When the mech is damaged enough to become enraged, stand opposite the Atlas statue in the center and taunt him. He’ll charge at you and hit the block, slowly knocking the giant ball loose.
  4. Repeat the pattern and trick the ‘bot into hitting the statue three times to defeat him.

Chapter 3: The Metal Tower

  1. Before following Trip, head through the doorway on the right to grab some tech orbs and plasma shots.
  2. Instead of confronting the mechs, climb on top of the crates and run across the ledge to the right.
  3. You’ll have to throw Trip across the large gap. Hop across right afterwards and help pull her up to the ledge.
  4. Use Trip’s distraction ability to make it across the gap to the shielded mechs. Perform a takedown on the first one and use its weapon to take care of the second.
  5. Before heading to the ladder, grab a few tech orbs and a plasma container behind where the first mech was standing.
  6. Follow trip to the next area guarded by a turret.
  7. Deploy a decoy, then hop up on the platform to the left and run along the ledge to the shielded mech. Perform a takedown and nab his weapon.
  8. Back up against the left corner and destroy the mechs as they run towards you.
  9. Shoot the turret to stun it, then drop the weapon and head back to Trip.
  10. Carry Trip to the ladder she points out and toss her to the ledge.
  11. Hop across to the two handholds that crumble when you land. Stand on the metal platform, turn around and jump to grab a mask icon.
  12. Work your way around and lower the gate so Trip can cross.
  13. When you take control of the turret to defend Trip, watch for mechs coming from the left side, the far platform above the ground, and the entryway to the left.
  14. Spiral your way down the open apartment area, collecting tech orbs and stun ammo as you go.

Boss battle: Demolition man

  1. Oh, this guy again! Fire a stun charge at his head to make him stand still. Upgrade the stun to gain a little extra time.
  2. While stunned, pummel the mech with several attacks.
  3. When he turns red, hide behind a tall, thick wall and taunt him. He’ll charge.
  4. After he bangs against the wall, run up to the mech and perform a takedown.
  5. When the battle ends, follow Trip to the cart blocking the exit. Toss her to the handhold above to continue.

Chapter 4: Wherefore Art Thou

  1. Stash Trip in the metal crate, then start climbing the handholds up. Head left before climbing into the building to grab a mask icon.
  2. When the electro mech appears, wait for it to fire before moving. You can usually make three or four moves in-between blasts. Unfortunately, you can’t stun electro mechs.
  3. Keep climbing after defeating the electro mech. When you see the red sign with a line of handholds, climb it as quickly as you can.
  4. Above, you’ll encounter a room filled with shielded mechs who like to keep firing at you. With no Trip to provide a decoy, snake your way along the ground path, taking cover as quickly as you can. To buy some time, fire a stun blast at the nearest mech. If you’ve got the ammo, a stun blast followed by two plasma blasts will destroy the robots.
  5. In the far right corner of the room, start climbing. Time your moves to keep cover at max.
  6. Take out the mechs at the top of the building, then start crossing to the metal tower.
  7. Climb the yellow girders as fast as you can.
  8. After the giant mech falls, work your way down to ground level and find Trip.
  9. Trip in tow, run from the mech without pausing.
  10. Toss Trip on the ledge when she tells you to, then follow the path to the top of the building.
  11. Clear the theater of mechs, performing a takedown on the injured one to get a little help. Toss Trip on the ledge when she tells you to.
  12. Collect the mask icon, then climb the scaffolds when the dog mech attacks.
  13. Hit each switch as it becomes available. Climb on the most recently-lowered platform to reach the next one.
  14. After raising the red platform, return to the lone switch to line the blue platform with the others. Cross the scaffolds.

Chapter 5: The Crash Site

  1. After Monkey activates Cloud, go straight out past the sinking boat to a pile of rocks to grab a mask icon. Head back and go left from the ramp and hover across the circular catwalk across the water to continue.
  2. Shove the crate into the water, then hop down to Trip.
  3. The ramp leading to the next crate (a transfer truck trailer) is to Trip’s right. Take some time to hover around the lake and gather some tech orbs while you’re exploring.
  4. Shove the second crate off, then follow Trip to the next point.
  5. Toss trip to the ledge above, then head to the glowing girder to follow.
  6. Be quick with your movements as you work up and around the debris. When you see the “no mechs” sign, drop down to grab a mask icon. Toss Trip to the next ledge and follow her.
  7. Toss Trip across the third ledge, then leap over and help her up. Carry her through the next few jumps. Don’t linger in one place for too long.
  8. Take out the small clumps of mechs in the first part of the bridge. Try using a takedown on the damaged one for a little extra help.
  9. Head up the left passageway until the mechs start shooting at you. Work back around and go right, using Trip’s distraction ability as needed, to come up behind the mechs and take them out.
  10. Follow Trip for a bit. Stay nimble as you work your way around hanging debris.
  11. When Trip spots the turret, take cover and work your way along the leftmost side of the bridge. Use her distraction technique often, and avoid the mechs for now. Awakening them will put Trip in danger.
  12. Get to the turret and perform a takedown on it. Use it to destroy the sleeping mechs, starting with the ones closest to Trip.
  13. Before lifting the blue block out of the way, backtrack a bit and nab some tech orbs populating Trip’s side of the bridge.
  14. Get past the first set of turrets and take cover behind the marked vehicle. From here, use Monkey’s attention-getting ability to occupy the turrets, then call Trip to follow.
  15. Open the hatch and Trip will hack the vehicle. When it takes off, keep it between you and the turrets. Hop over the gaps quickly, and when Trips says to move to the right, do so and collect the tech orbs as you leap across the bridge.

Boss battle: Dog mech

  1. This time, there’s no avoiding a fight. Use your stun shots to stop the dog in its tracks, then leap in and wail away with your staff.
  2. Keep stunning and attacking the dog mech, nabbing health or stun recharges as you need them.
  3. When the mech runs, activate your cloud and give chase. Hit the blue points of light for a speed boost.
  4. When you’re in close, perform a takedown on the dog to deal some real damage.
  5. Repeat the process above with the mech’s second bar of energy. Soon, you’ll be staring at a pile of scrap metal.

Chapter 6: Village Approach

  1. There’s a lot of combat in the area to come, and you won’t have Trip around for most of it. Use this opportunity to upgrade your abilities, especially combat-related upgrades such as the evade and attack ability. The group-stun staff upgrade is also helpful.
  2. Swing from the branches to reach the bridge controls. Before hitting the switch, run up the platform and climb down for a mask icon. Return and lower the platform for Trip.
  3. Standing with Trip by the lever, ask her to pull it. Cross the bridge, then ask her to pull it again. Cross the upper bridge and lower it with the lever up there.
  4. Bring Trip up the same way, calling her when the bridges are in place and switching their position from your lever station.
  5. Toss Trip up the ledge and leap to the bridge to follow. When it collapses, use the branches to work your way back up.
  6. Have Trip pull the next lever, then cross and switch the second one yourself. Get Trip to pull her lever again and cross to the upper level.
  7. Set the bridges so Monkey can cross to the upper right side. Then, set the lower bridges so that Trip can cross. Send her to the right side.
  8. Cross back to the upper left side with Monkey, then lower the bridge so Trip can join you. Raise the bridges again and escort her to the watchtower.
  9. Follow the waypoint to the opposite watchtower. After lifting the gate, climb the vines in front of you, run across the plateau, and drop down for a mask icon.
  10. Take out the mechs throughout the rest of the stage as they attack, performing takedowns on defective units to get a hand.
  11. After the battles, keep moving up the watchtower via handholds.

Chapter 7: Finding Trip

  1. Start following Trip. When you see a shining pole on the left, hop on it and climb around to find a mask icon. Continue forward.
  2. When the turret mech locks on, use a stun blast to buy some time, then work your way around and perform a takedown on the ‘bot. Use the resulting weapon to destroy the mech below before reinforcements are summoned.
  3. Climb up the left side of the buildings after the brief mech encounter. Another mech will lock on to your position. Take it out with a few plasma blasts — no stun necessary.
  4. Keep following Trip. Hop down in the next area and take out the unshielded mech with a few plasma shots. Stun the shielded mech and take it out with your staff.
  5. In the next enclosure, quickly hop to the left to pick up some plasma shots. Fire across the way to take out the unshielded mech, then hop back to where you started and take cover.
  6. The shielded mech will keep targeting you. Hit it with a stun blast, then leap down and climb the pipe to his platform. Perform a takedown and use his weapon to clear the other mechs out of the area.
  7. Grab the tech orbs and staff charges and try to open the door. When it won’t open, climb back up to the rooftops and blast the girder out of the way.
  8. Use the defective mech to take out several other mechs in the next area, then climb the pipe and cross.
  9. The next long, open area features several waves of mechs as well as turret mechs. Take out what long range mechs you can with your staff, and focus on defective ground mechs to keep reinforcements at bay. Don’t miss the mask icon midway through on the left!
  10. The last mech cleared away, hop down and comb the area for any tech orbs you missed. Exit through the door.
  11. You’ll soon reach a wide, open space filled with distant mechs targeting you with their guns. Take them out with your staff shots one by one, careful to keep your ammo full in case one threatens to call for backup.
  12. Several groups of larger mechs attack. Make quick work of them by using stun shots and taking advantage of the defective mechs that appear.

Chapter 8: Gaining Access

  1. Run straight ahead at the start and veer to the left for a mask icon. Follow Trip towards the windmill. Climb around the right side to reach the first switch.
  2. At the top of the ladder, toss Trip to the ledge, then follow her by working your way around the left side.
  3. Follow Trip to the windmill and climb to the top. Open the first sail by climbing to the peak of the blade.
  4. With Trip in control of the windmill brakes, climb down and make your way to the building on the right. Stop the windmill so that one of the unfurled blades is nearby, then hop on the pole and start the windmill moving again. Have trip hit the brakes when you’re in the vertical position, then drop the first sail.
  5. The second sail is tougher to get to. The pole is positioned higher on the blade, so you can’t just jump from the building. Instead, ride one of the other blades across to the red building, then hop off. Spin the windmill so the last blade is nearby, then hop on. Ride is all the way to the left and grab the mask icon on top of the left house, then position it vertically and lower the sail.
  6. Trip initiates the generator overload, and then the mechs attack. Focus on stunning groups of them to buy you some time, then work on the big guys first. An upgraded staff and combat techniques come in very handy here.

Boss battle: Dog mech

  1. The dog mech makes another appearance here, but his tactics are largely the same. As should yours be!
  2. Use stun blasts to knock the dog down, then wail away while he can’t move. Use force attacks if you’ve unlocked them.
  3. When the dog runs away, hop on Cloud and give chase. Perform a takedown when you’re close.
  4. After the battle, scour the area for tech orbs and ammo. Don’t miss the mask icon hidden behind a building, near the gate where the dog entered.

Chapter 9: The Wasteland

  1. As soon as you have control of Monkey, go back and to the left to find a mask icon.
  2. Take out the first two mechs you encounter, then take Cloud and go exploring. When you’ve gathered some tech orbs, head to the waypoint to let Trip through.
  3. After Trip scans the next area, shoot the first target, activate her distraction technique, then hop on Cloud and scoot across the water towards the boat. Climb up the platforms and take out the mechs there.
  4. Hit the second target to lower the beam. Circle back and help Trip cross.
  5. Once on the boat, you’ve got the gun! Enemy mechs appear along the shores as you meander through the corridor. Look for their lasers and listen to Trip for clues to their location, then blast their torsos to dispatch them.
  6. Keep watch as Trip restarts the motor. Mechs come from above, to the left, and to the right.
  7. After clearing the second room of mechs, flip the switch and continue forward.
  8. Head left through the minefield when the boat stops. Find the small ramp against the wall and use Cloud to leap the gaps. Take out the first turret from here.
  9. Backtrack a bit through a hole in the wall, near where you entered. Take out the mechs here and follow the ramp to the second turret.
  10. Head back to the boat after nabbing nearby tech orbs.
  11. When the boat stops, nab the mask icon, then clear the debris.
  12. A dog mech appears and gives Trip chase. You automatically embark upon Cloud. Hit every blue dash point you can, and avoid tiggering mechanical traps as well as mines. Follow the blue lights and you’ll be fine. When you near the dog, use a takedown to finish it off.

Chapter 10: The Titan Factory

  1. Race Pigsy to the top of the scrap heap. Then, follow him right back down!
  2. Accompany Trip and Pigsy to the next area.
  3. Raise the first walkway by turning the nearby wheel. Then, step back and climb the pole against the rear wall. Use it to make your way to the walkway you just raised and throw Trip to the other side.
  4. Follow Trip and raise the next platform as before.
  5. A demolition mech appears. Handle it just as before, dealing some damage and then taunting him into charging and banging into the pillar. Use a takedown to finish him off, and watch out for the other mechs that come in and out of battle.
  6. Climb the pipe that Trip lowers for you.
  7. Follow Trip back to the first walkway and lower it for her.
  8. Shoot Pigsy’s explosives to lower the bridge and cross to the next area.
  9. Keep following Trip and Pigsy. Toss Trip onto the ledge and she’ll lower some pipes for you to cross.
  10. Trip will start the machinery to clear your path. Time your jumps carefully.
  11. Shoot Pigsy’s bomb to allow Trip to pass. She’ll get the hydraulics moving so you can cross.
  12. Hop on the pipes and have Trip rotate the pillars so you can make it across.
  13. Before following Pigsy, turn left and backtrack from where Trip was standing. You’ll find a mask icon and some tech orbs.
  14. Follow the group to the next door, taking a quick detour to nab some tech orbs stashed above a handhold to the right.
  15. Step down and let Pigsy get into position. Then, move forward and battle the mechs.
  16. Toss Trip on the next ledge, then head back down and cross to the center pillar.
  17. Move nimbly across the next area, stunning the turret with a plasma blast or Trip’s distraction ability when necessary.
  18. Grab the mask icon behind the turret, then have Trip move the crane. Cross and take control of the crane and switch it so Trip can make it to the center pillar.
  19. Use the bar behind you to cross to the other crane’s controls. Hit the switch, wait for Trip to cross, then hit it again. When Monkey spots the waypoint, flip the switch and return to the center pillar to cross the second crane platform.
  20. Use the pipes and handholds to work your way towards Trip. When the mechs attack, keep moving so you can reach her in time.
  21. Toss Trip to the platform and let her do her thing.

Chapter 11: The Old Battlefield

  1. Time for a gantlet run! The next area is filled with mechs running in from the sides and shooting at Monkey. Stay calm and take them out one by one, starting with the nearest mechs. Shielded mechs need to be stunned first. Also, keep an eye out for mechs calling for reinforcements.
  2. The next round of the gantlet is more of the same. This time, midway through, climb over the crates to grab a mask icon and some tech orbs.
  3. Follow Trip and Pigsy to the green valley area. Just before crossing to the grass, cross the bridge facing the screen and climb around for a mask icon. Then, take out the mechs any way you please.

Boss battle: Rhino

  1. The rhino can’t be harmed by your staff, plasma shots, or even stun charges. Wait for it to lower its helmet and start running, then evade to stay safe.
  2. Pigsy will toss bombs into the ring. Shoot them when the rhino is standing nearby.
  3. Soon, Pigsy will knock a burner down. Taunt the rhino into charging while standing in front of the burner. It will smash into the thing and cause serious damage.
  4. The next burner is on a tower. Get some distance from rhino and shoot the structure with a few plasma shots to shake it loose. Repeat the taunting process to hurt rhino again.
  5. Pigsy will open the way to the final burner. Climb it and knock some sense into the rhino.
  6. The final chase happens on Cloud. Hit every boost point you can and perform a takedown to save Trip.

Chapter 12: The Dam

  1. Follow Pigsy through the sub bay doors. Slide down the zipline with him.
  2. Make your way to the left waypoint and tell Trip to move the cars. With the car next to the switch, flip it and climb aboard. Have Trip move the cars in reverse (heading towards the wall) and you’ll find a mask icon.
  3. Have Trip move the cars forward. Hop to the cart on the right side, then tell Trip to reverse course.
  4. Hop to the right-hand platform and hit the switch. Hop on the cart again and send them forward.
  5. Leap from the side of the cart to the catwalk above. Work your way across and hop down to the first switch. Reverse cart direction, hit the switch, hop on, and send the cars forward.
  6. Head back to the doors where the sub awaits.
  7. Follow the sub on foot and take out the mechs firing on your friends. Run to the switch and flip it so the sub can keep moving.
  8. Head to the first platform and take out the mechs quickly. When a message appears saying the weak point has been analyzed, switch to the plasma shot and aim for the target near the sub. Work fast, as more mechs are coming.
  9. Deal with mechs as they attack, then make your way down and around closer to the sub. Once all the mechs are gone, you can hit the switch so the sub can continue.
  10. Go back and to the right to climb down. Follow the sub.
  11. In the next room, clear out more mechs and use plasma shots to destroy the mechs targeting the sub. Head to the right to work your way down.
  12. When the sub lowers, run down towards the edge of the platform and take out any mechs in your way. Keep the sub safe from long range attackers. Take a small detour to a room on the right for a mask icon.

Chapter 13: Grand Theft

  1. Follow Trip and Pigsy to the terminal. Pigsy goes off on his own, and Trip sets a waypoint for you. Time your movements to avoid the gears and burners and keep following the dragonfly.
  2. Shoot the bombs Pigsy deploys.
  3. Pigsy tosses four bombs on an anchor point just beyond a rotating gear. Climb up towards Pigsy and drop down to find a mask icon. Head back down, wait for the right moment, then blast the bombs to continue.
  4. When the dragonfly putters off, start climbing to follow it. When you reach the first giant fan, run to the left to grab the mask icon.
  5. Shoot the next few bombs Pigsy drops.
  6. Hop across the next few pipes and join Pigsy on the lift.
  7. Follow Trip and Pigsy through the next few hallways and elevators.
  8. Climb up to the first set of rafters, then fire a plasma shot at Pigsy’s bomb.
  9. Move around to climb up and follow the dragonfly to the next anchor point.
  10. Walk out on the platform with the plasma shots to take care of Pigsy’s next set of bombs.
  11. Follow the dragonfly to the final anchor point. Hit the first three bombs from the platform you’re on, then cross to where the plasma charge refills are to shoot the last one.
  12. Follow Trip and Pigsy on the lift.
  13. Run out of the power control room and climb up to the second level. Mechs start swarming in from holes cut in the wall. Attack the ones beating on the power conduits first, then take out the stragglers. Watch for stun charge shots spawning when shielded turret mechs come out.

Chapter 14: Pyramid

  1. Last chance to upgrade! By now you should have just about everything unlocked. If not, focus on health and staff shot boosts.
  2. Fire at the leech mechs to get rid of them, then take out the mechs that hop onto the platform. Continue on the pipes.
  3. Watch for fire as you climb to the next area. That stuff hurts.
  4. On the next platform, take out the leeches quickly, as some ground mechs will be flying in.
  5. The second cannon blast fires. You get to deal with a few mechs in the meantime. Walk backwards and down a bit to a tech orb floating on a platform, then hop down for the final mask icon. Keep climbing around the Leviathan.
  6. When the scorpion mechs attack, wait for Trip to set a waypoint. Make your way there and turn the valve to release gas. Fire your plasma charge at the target just below the scorpion to deal it some damage.
  7. Run back just a bit and Trip will send some hydraulic lifts up. Climb the poles to the top and shoot the mech’s target points from there.
  8. As soon as you’ve got control of Monkey again, climb down.
  9. Fight off mechs until Trip sets a new waypoint at the next valve. Turn the valve on, shoot the gas, climb the pillars, hit the targets on the scorpion, and book it back to solid ground.
  10. The scorpion works its way to your part of the ship. Shoot the targets on its front quickly, then deal with the mechs that attack. Work your way down and across the poles to the next target.
  11. Take out the targets from below, then climb back up quickly to shoot the final points.
  12. You did it! Kick back and watch the ending cinematics.
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