Epic confirms it "wholeheartedly" supports GeForce Now

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

It's been a rough first month for Nvidia's new GeForce Now service, which, while technically impressive, seems to be struggling with a mass exodus of publishers willing to allow their games to remain on the platform. The good news is that Epic Games' Tim Sweeney has gone on record stating that the company "wholeheartedly supports" the new service.

Activision were the first company to withdraw their games from the platform, a mere days after launch, due to a misunderstanding, which was swiftly followed by Bethesda and 2K games, who have also pulled their lineup.

Tim Sweeney's support is crucial at this time. He went on record via Twitter to state that the platform was the most developer friendly of all the streaming services, and seemed to urge other publishers to jump back on board.

Could it be too little, too late? The service now only has a handful of games available to Stream, and players have to own the games on Steam already. Three major publishers appear to have pulled out of allowing their games to be streamed already, due to a misunderstanding about the transition from the service' beta period to final product.

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