Epic Games award $200k in Unreal Dev Grants

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

Epic Games recently launched the Unreal Dev Grants scheme, which award individuals and companies with funding with no commitment, for create games within the Unreal engine. Now, they have announced 15 new recipients of the grant, totaling over $200,000.

The recipients of the grant include 12 new game developers, two community members, and one mod project. The recipients range from Tiny Metal, a turn based strategy game, to Maelstrom, a grim fantasy and naval combat game.

As mentioned, included in the grant is Absolute Elimination, which is a round based team survival mode for Unreal Tournament. It is developed by modder Scoob, and has already been in development for around a year, with much feedback and changes influenced directly by the community.

The mod involves two teams, and everybody on either team gets one life per round. Once you die, you have to spectate until the next round. Players start near their teammates and get 120 health and 100 armour per round.  Both teams will spawn on opposite sides of the map and with a full assortment of weapons, mostly full with ammo. There are no pickups on the map, and the team with the last man standing wins the round, and gains one point for their team, the first team to 10 points wins.

It's a compelling mod, and can be downloaded now from this URL.

Do you think more mods should get funding to complete their projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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