Grab Sunless Sea and Wargame: Red Dragon for free on Epic Store

By Digz 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Epic Games Store continues to deliver it's weekly free games and this week until the 4th March the store has got Sunless Sea as it's free game. Sunless Sea is set in a gothic universe in fallen London where you take your ship and explore on your own adventure countering new things along the way. It boasts an incredible storytelling adventure with frequent death as you look to survive not just the creatures of the wild like giant crabs and swarms of bats but also the madness of your crew! It has received some fantastic reviews including an 81 score from Metacritic alongside a Best Words award for its storytelling in 2014 from Rock Paper Shotgun.

The game that is set to become free from the 4th March for a week in the Epic Games Store is Wargame: Red Dragon. It was released in 2014 and boasts an incredible amount of units. It covers 17 nations where you have a selection of over 1,400 units that have been taken from their armies ranging from tanks, aircraft, warships and so much more. The game is meant to be intense but also provide you with ultra-realistic possibilities and battles that really will test your tactical abilities. 

I've got a calendar reminder set for the 4th of March to download this absolute beauty of a game, and you should too!


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