Epic Games Store is finally getting achievements

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Achievements, love em or hate em, have been a glaring omission from the Epic Games Store to date. It seems that's about to be redressed, however, as certain games on the platform are now starting to display achievements for the first time.

Epic was keen to point out however this is still an early version of the feature and will be subject to changes in the future, and will appear on certain games only.

Ark: Survival Evolved seems to be only game so far to support the feature, and it's not clear how many others, if any, will gain them in the days and weeks ahead.

Still, at least there's signs of movement on the feature. Officially the feature is still "up next" according to Epic's development schedule, so it's not an official launch of the feature, but you can check it out now if you own Ark: Survival Evolved on the platform.


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