Epic Games Store: The Roadmap to Success Published

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

The Epic Games store has certainly caught headlines this year by taking games away from Steam, and not just small games, we're talking about big AAA titles like The Division 2. The gaming industry is in a constant battle to reduce costs and get games out to the widest audience possible and the way to do that right now is of course to go digital. The Steam store has a lot to offer being the biggest distribution platform for games digitally right now, whilst the Epic Games store has a lot to offer it doesn't match up to its competitors yet. 

Epic Games therefore have put a lot of thought into how they are going to develop their store and have even released a roadmap on Trello so the likes of you and me and most importantly game developers can see where they are headed, we have also taken a screenshot below of what it looks like currently.

So in the next three months we can expect a search option by genre and tags, sounds a no-brainer but it's nice they'll be adding it in and it's a priority for them! Cloud saves are also no the horizon alongside a redesign for the store. Within six months the store will aim to have wishlists like Steam does but I'm sure in an Epic Games way, with the ability for users to review items, allowance for additional currencies and different payment methods and most importantly for all you GameFront readers mod support.

We all know how the Steam Workshop on one hand was a bummer for mod hosting sites like the old FileFront but for gamers the ease of looking for a mod you like and a one button download and install is fantastic, we'll see if the Epic Games store can match that or make one even better! 

Plenty of development is going into the store and it looks like the stealing of games like The Division 2 away from Steam is just the beginning, Epic Games are in this for the long haul, we await with baited breath what Valves response is going to be.

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