Epic Games Store to Match Steam's Refund Policy

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Published by Digz 2 days ago , last updated 1 day ago

The Epic Games store will now match the refund policy of Steam whereby you can return any items bought from the Epic Games store for no reason whatsoever. There are of course a few rules behind that:

  • You have to return the game within 14 days of purchasing it from the store
  • You cannot have played more than two hours of the game

If you refund a game any additional content you purchase will also be refunded as long as "that content has not been consumed, modified, or transferred." Pre-orders can also be cancelled at any time and that refunded before the release date, and also after the release date too as long as you comply with the two rules listed in bullet points above. If you've been banned from a game you cannot refund it and interestingly if a game goes on sale the day after you buy it you can get a refund of the game you bought and purchase it at its sale price, you have to abide by the two important rules listed above of course and according to their policy they do not consider that refund abuse which is fantastic.

You can read their full refund policy here.

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