Epic is facing a lawsuit over Fortnite communication technology

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Epic Games has unexpectedly found itself facing yet another lawsuit, this time over the communication and messaging system found within Fortnite, which allegedly infringes a number of patents.

According to court documents filed by IngenioShare, the company claims that Epic Games has knowingly infringed its patents, and uses technologies owned by its affiliate companies. 

Fortnite's tech allows players to chat to each other by first approving access, and you don't have to share persona information. According to IngenioShare, those communication methods and messaging platforms are secured under multiple patents, which were granted decades ago. As such, the company claim that Fortnite has been infringing on these patents for many years, and is demanding a jury by trial in the District Court of Texas.

According to IngenioShare, the two companies have tried several times to agree on a "business arrangement" for licensing the patented technologies used in Fortnite, to no avail. So far, Epic Games have not commented on the situation. 


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