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Posted on December 3, 2010, Ben Richardson Epic Mickey Film Reels

All of the 2D levels in Epic Mickey have corresponding Film Reels, which can be turned into the Usher in front of Mean Street Cinema for a variety of rewards. Make sure you don’t miss a Film Reel with the help of this guide, which lists all the available Reels.

  1. Alpine Climbers 1 (Mickeyjunk Mountain)
  2. Alpine Climbers 2 (Mickeyjunk Mountain)
  3. Castaway 1 (Pirates of the Wasteland)
  4. Castaway 2 (Pirates of the Wasteland)
  5. Clock Cleaners 1 (Gremlin Village)
  6. Clock Cleaners 2 (Gremlin Village)
  7. Fantasia 1 (Beating the Blot)
  8. Fantasia 2 (Beating the Blot)
  9. Fantasia 3 (Beating the Blot)
  10. Fantasia 4 (Beating the Blot)
  11. Great Guns (Mickeyjunk Mountain)
  12. Haunted House 1 (Lonesome Manor)
  13. Haunted House 2 (Lonesome Manor)
  14. Haunted House 3 (Lonesome Manor)
  15. Jungle Rhythm 1 (Tomorrow City)
  16. Jungle Rhythm 2 (Pirates of the Wasteland)
  17. Lonesome Ghost 1 (Mean Street/Lonesome Manor)
  18. Lonesome Ghost 2 (Lonesome Manor)
  19. Mad Doctor 1 (Lonesome Manor)
  20. Mad Doctor 2 (Lonesome Manor)
  21. Mickey and the Beanstalk (Dark Beauty Castle)
  22. Mickey’s Mechanical Man 1 (Tomorrow City)
  23. Mickey’s Mechanical Man 2 (Tomorrow City)
  24. Mickey’s Steamroll (OsTown/Mickeyjunk Mountain)
  25. Oh, What a Knight (Mickeyjunk)
  26. Plutopia 1 (Mean Street/Tomorrow City)
  27. Plutopia 2 (Tomorrow City)
  28. Shanghaied (Pirates of the Wasteland)
  29. Sleeping Beauty (Beating the Blot)
  30. Steamboat Willie 1 (Gremlin Village)
  31. Steamboat Willie 2 (Gremlin Village)
  32. Steamboat Willie 3 (Gremlin Village)
  33. The Whalers (Pirates of the Wasteland)
  34. Thru the Mirror (Mean Street/OsTown)
  35. Trolley Trouble (Mickeyjunk Mountain)
  36. Ye Olden Days (Beating the Blot)

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