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Epic takes legal battle with Apple to the United Kingdom

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Epic Games has taken it's ongoing legal battle with Apple over their mandatory cut of Fortnite's microtransactions on iOS to the United Kingdom, filing a claim with the Competition Appeal Tribunal, echoing action it has already taken in the United States and Australia.

Epic Games declared war on Apple last year over the tech giant's terms and conditions when it comes to monetary transactions on their app store - to put it simply, Apple wants a 30% cut, and Epic wants to keep the lot.

Epic Games silently pushed an update to the popular Battle Royale Fornite which allowed players to bypass the Apple store and pay Epic directly for microtransactions at a lower price. Apple quickly responded by taking the game down from all iOS platforms, and subsequently threatened to remove Epic's access to its developer tools.

Apple's defence is that Epic knowingly broke the terms of the App Store and claims that their situation is their own doing, while Epic claims that the mandatory cut taken is anti-competitive. Epic hopes that the UK tribunal will find in their favour, arguing Apple's Developer Program License Agreement is unlawful.

Epic is also arguing for Fortnite to be restored to iOS and Android and is also taking the fight to Google by arguing that the Play Store should not be pre-installed on Android devices over other app stores.

Epic will make their case on the 21st of January, with the trial in the United States currently set for May.


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