EVE Online attack has kept players offline for 9 days

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

EVE Online has been EVE Offline for nearly  9 days now for a large number of players in the US, due to an ongoing DDOS (Denial of Service) attack. 

Most players in the region have been unable to log in, or have found themselves having to try multiple times. When players do manage to finally make their way in, most in-game features such as chat aren't working, and suffer frequent disconnection errors or server lag.

The issue has been going on for nearly 9 days now, and there's announcement yet as to when players can expect the issue to be resolved. The issue mostly affects US players, but there have been reports of similar  issues on a smaller scale in Africa and Australia.

The impact, on an MMO especially, is huge. Players on Reddit are bemoaning how the issue is effecting the in-game economy, preventing them from completing their usual in-game tasks that will irreparably affect their game.

Other players are demanding compensation or even threatening to cancel their accounts altogether. 

EVE's developers have stated on Twitter in the last few hours that they believe the situation may be improving, but is not yet resolved.

Have you faced any issues with EVE Online? Let us know your experiences down in the comments.


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