EVE Online: Invasion Chapter 2 drops next month

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It's been confirmed that Invasion Chapter 2, the next chapter in the Invasion expansion for EVE Online, will be dropping late in November, and will see the war between The Triglavians and New Eden continue.

The new chapter features a new enemy ship that players will be able to take over and use, known as the Triglavian Zirnitra dreadnought, although it'll be one heck of a battle to get your hands on it.

There'll be some other little updates to come along with it, such as more improvements to the new player experience, changes to bookmark sharing that lets you share with anybody, which will be welcome news, and various tweaks and "adjustments" to gameplay balance. 

The full update releases for everyone on November 26th.


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