Everspace 2 has launched a new kickstarter campaign

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Everspace 2 was annouced back at Gamescom, and is a sequel to the space shoot-em-up being developed by Rockfish Games. Much like the original, the game is being croudfunded, and the Kickstarter campaign for the game has officially launched this past week.

Development for the game is already underway though, but now the developers are looking for an extra £400,000 to  help complete the development, in addition to getting help and feedback from the community on the development.

The game is an action RPG game in space, basically, and as you can see from the trailer above it looks amazing - there'll be plenty to do including ship building, various perks and skill trees, and weapon upgrades to enjoy.

The universe the game is set in will be procedurally generated with hand-crafted environments coming into play at various times. Locations will remain permanent once visited though, although the world will dynamically change over time, for example buildings may be destroyed or new buildings may appear, adding to the immersion.

The game is due to release in Early Access on Steam next year, with a full release planned in 2021.


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