Fable 2 Has Some Lovely Prostitutes Up For a Bit of Fun

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Posted on April 4, 2008, Stephany Fable 2 Has Some Lovely Prostitutes Up For a Bit of Fun

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During the GDC in February, Peter Molyneux divulged some more info regarding Fable 2 about jobs, gold and how online co-op can quickly turn a bit mad. He demonstrated this in a demo for the game, which you can view here, but it has been a while since we heard any real details on the game, so here is a list of a few of the more mentionable gameplay elements in Fable 2. Call it a bit of a refresher course if you will.

  • Co-op can be joined or left at any time
  • Gold is pretty hard to earn
  • You can get a job as a paid henchman through co-op
  • Other lines of work include work as an assassin, barman, or blacksmith
  • Online gambling will come into play
  • Wives, husbands, and children will get sullen with you for certain actions and can also die; your children can be sent off to an orphanage
  • Swordplay will range from simplistic button mashing to full-out flashy moves
  • The prostitutes are not too pretty

Some of us were highly disappointed with the first Fable, but is sounds like this one will be more fun than you can shake a sack of gold at. What I found quite amusing today, was the new bit of concept art released for the prostitutes in the game. They look a bit suspect if you ask me, and I am wondering what sort of virtual precautions our character will have to undertake when purchasing the wares that these chippies are hawking. No matter how hideous that third lady of the evening is, it might be fun to take pity on her considering the fact that she probably doesn’t make as much as the others- although they could all use a good scrubbing from the looks of things.

Being a female you would think I would be offended by such an idea, but personally I think it is quite hilarious and I can’t wait to see what sorts of “trouble” my character can get into. Fable 2 is suppose to be released really late in the year, which makes one assume it will be here just in time for the holiday shopping extravaganza. Stay tuned for more info folks.

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