Fallout 3 Dev Diary on Conceptual Design

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Posted on May 15, 2008, Shawn Sines Fallout 3 Dev Diary on Conceptual Design


Bethesda’s latest developer diary offering features Fallout 3 concept artist Adam Adamowicz discussing concept design. He talks about taking Fallout series signature elements and running with them to give gamers a bigger yet familiar world setting for Fallout 3.

Establishing the big picture for the Fallout universe as a pictorial diary, was my first task. Myself and the rest of the team poured over the lore, related our experiences playing the original, and researched everything 50’s we felt enhanced the drama, black comedy, and rich vintage sci fi that make this a truly unique game. At the end of these jams, as I liked to think of our discussions and debates, I did my best to put on paper what we had reached as a consensus. For my part, I like to feel I initially brought to the table a design sensibility that also favored ridiculous rocket flanged nuclear powered automobiles, and martini swilling characters who fight mutated horrors without scuffing their sharkskin suits. When the dust clears, I hope what you see is a mutated beast stamped indelibly with its inimitable origins. Whew.

Adamowicz covers designing post apocalyptic fashion, homemade improvised weapons worthy of Evil Dead and fun designing the super mutant.

“Don’t shoot him, you’ll just make him mad.” The famous line from Blazing Saddles describing Mongo, was my guiding inspiration for these guys.

Get the entire concept on the Bethesda Fallout Blog.

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