Fallout 76 has a 'Mostly Positive' Steam rating?

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It looks like the troubled online role-playing game has managed to turn things in the time since it's original exclusive launch on Bethesda.net, with the game earning a "Mostly Positive" rating since it was launch on the Steam platform five days ago.

The game as been panned by gamers and critics alike ever since it originally released back in November of 2018, but it seems the Steam release, and perhaps more specifically the new Wastelanders update, has started to turn things around.

Gamers panned Fallout 76 for its various bugs, including several, which allowed players to game the system. It's also come under fire for the approach Bethesda took with microtransactions, and most notably, for just not being the Fallout experience most have come to expect.

The big reason for that latter point was the lack of human NPCs and factions, which the new Wastelanders update addresses. I've yet to give Wastelanders a try, but given the positive reviews, I think it might be worth giving the game a second chance.


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