Fallout 76 players angry over $7 refridgerator

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Never thought I'd be writing that headline, but given there's barely an update to Fallout 76 that doesn't cause outrage with somebody, somewhere, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It seems this week's outrage is over a new update that, in addition to a new Nuclear Winter map and new rewards, has made some controversial additions to the Atomic Shop. 

Of course the Atomic Shop always seems to be ground zero of these post-patch explosions of fury and rage, arguably with good cause. The source of the problem is a new refrigerator cosmetic item, one of two new utility items in the game, and lets players store food and drink within it, slowing down the time it takes for them to spoil.

Of course, Bethesda originally claimed the Atomic Shop would only have cosmetics within it, although that quickly went out of the window when repair kits were added, giving players with cash a competitive edge. The fridge apparently is seen to do the same thing, giving players who are able to pay the $7 for such a fridge a way of being able to gain an edge over other players.

Of course, you don't have to spend real money to get Atoms to spend in the store, but it's a much, much quicker way of doing so. Often these DLC items are priced quite highly when you do the conversions - the minimum real world spend to get hold of this fridge would be around $7.

Players have been suggesting on reddit that these items should be given via quest rewards instead of Atom purchases, but of course that isn't going to make Bethesda very much money. 

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3 years ago by The Grey Wizard

This is a slippery slope that Bethsoft has embarked on. Historically, pay to win has been met with a massive loss of interest. Bethesda's humble origins have been an inspiration to a small indie developer such as myself, but I hope they're not completely loosing grip on what brought them to where they are.