Fallout 4 Mod Hub: 50% more use on Xbox over PC

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Published by FileTrekker 6 years ago , last updated 5 years ago

With today's launch of Xbox One mod support for Fallout 4, there have been a lot of questions raised by the status quo; will Xbox Mods take off? Are PC gamers going to find the convenience factor of the built in mod portal enough to lure them away from traditional mods and tools like those provided by NexusMods?

While those questions are still yet to be fully answered, an interesting statistic has been released which sheds some light on the matter; the new mod portal is gaining 50x more traffic on Xbox One then it is on PC; an early indication of not only the popularity of modding the game on a console, but that PC gamers aren't showing much interest in moving from their tried and true methods.

To me, this isn't entirely surprising; PC gamers are likely fairly used to modding their games the hard way; they've had years and years of experience doing it after all. There aren't going to be many newbie PC gamers, either;  the PC gaming market isn't, as far as I am concerned, luring away console gamers. Steam have made a play at the market with their Steam Machine, but that has failed to make any meaningful market penetration.

I'm sure there are many people who have made the switch from console to PC, but likely not in any meaningful way. You're either someone looking for a simple, convenient living room experience, or you're wanting to get stuck into the oil of the machine and get your hands dirty. Both are perfectly valid, by the way.


This makes sense to me. PC gamers don't really want a super-simple way to mod their games, do they? After all, they enjoy knowing that their game is special, they had a hand in making it the way it is; their custom collection of mods is unique and taking away the role that installing and configuring your mod collection has almost takes away the fun of it. PC gamers are born to tinker.

This is great news for the Xbox One players, though; not only does it mean a MUCH wider audience for mod creators, it also means a whole new world of game customisation just opened up for players, making the end benefit of modding accessible to those who like to keep their hands clean.

A win-win, then, and the best thing that ever happened to console gaming.

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